Sizmek powers perfection in omni-channel video.

We’re your preferred end-to-end video partner.

We’re your preferred end-to-end video partner.

Video advertising is much more complex than display advertising. With Sizmek, you can reach all channels with a single strategic partner.

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Sizmek offers you a complete video advertising package.

We let you experiment with unique formats, maintain efficiency with our video workflows, and meet the gold standard of verification and viewability. Sizmek is MRC-accredited for video impressions.

With Sizmek’s unique video tools, you can:

  • Take the complexities out of online video advertising. We know video can be difficult, but Sizmek’s tools and support make it easy.
  • Create video experiences guaranteed to thrill and engage your customers, from out-stream ads to interactive video, and more.
  • Deliver jaw-dropping video experiences, including interactive video ads, on any device. As more and more people watch video on mobile, omni-channel expertise is a must.
  • Track all your video campaign data in a single, easy-to-use reporting hub.
  • Track all the video engagement metrics you need to improve your results.
  • Verify all your data in the ad server to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • Work with your existing video distribution system if you prefer. When Sizmek says we’re open, we mean it.

Watch what Sizmek can do for you with video.

Get Interactive... Everywhere

Get Interactive... Everywhere

Love the look of interactive video, but hate the mobile experience? Sizmek Ad Builder is the only tool that gives you the creative freedom to build HTML5 VPAID interactive video for every screen.

Go Out-stream

Go Out-stream

With Sizmek, you can deliver video ads outside of video content. Intrigue your customers with unique videos while they’re in-app, or in-article. Power these videos flawlessly with Sizmek. Check out our Out-Stream Showcase to see the possibilities.

Workflows Optimized for Video

Workflows Optimized for Video

With Sizmek Advertising Suite, you’ll see dramatic workflow efficiencies. What might involve a hundred clicks on another platform is just a few, making Sizmek the fastest and most efficient way to deliver video advertising.

Check out all that Sizmek’s video ad platform can do:

  • Deliver video on any device
  • Run interactive video
  • Create outstream video
  • Verify your data to prevent
    fraud and measure
    viewability accurately
  • Analyze data in one place
  • Track video engagement metrics
  • Adapt your streaming for
    bandwidth control
  • Get incredible support
    when you need it

Learn why Sizmek means epic support.

Get the job done with seamless management for local and global campaigns on any channel or vertical.

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