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  • Dr. Mark Grether, Executive Chairman

    Dr. Mark Grether, Executive Chairman

    Mark is the Executive Chairman of Sizmek, where he is focused on guiding the company and its leadership team and accelerating the growth of the business. Prior to Sizmek, Mark was the cofounder and global Chief Operating Officer of WPP’s Xaxis, which under his leadership grew into the largest programmatic media company in the world, with more than $1 billion in revenue in just five years. Prior to Xaxis, he was Global Development Director of GroupM, the world’s largest media investment group, where he was instrumental in setting up GroupM’s digital trading desk across 10 countries. Mark also spent time in academia, teaching at university in Germany after receiving his PhD in Marketing from the University of Mannheim, until the lure of real-world marketing data drew him onto the ever-compelling advertising technology trajectory. Since 2011, Mark has lived in New York City with his wife and two sons, who he attempts to best at soccer each weekend—but they’ve got mad skills.

  • Neil Nguyen

    Neil Nguyen, Chief Executive Officer

    Neil is President and CEO of Sizmek. Over the past 15 years, Neil has held senior leadership roles in media, advertising, and entertainment businesses. Prior to his appointment at Sizmek, he served as CEO, COO and EVP Sales & Operations at DG, Inc. During his nine years at DG, Neil helped build the industry’s largest video content distribution platform, used by 95 of the top 100 Ad Age Advertisers. He led and supported the acquisition of 14 companies that transformed DG into the market leading ad delivery and syndication platform worldwide. A Californian at heart, Neil lives in Austin with his wife Jennifer and their three daughters Ashton, Alyssa and Alexis, aka ‘The A Team’. When he’s not thinking about Sizmek, he’s dreaming about it. 

  • Ken Saunders, Chief Financial Officer

    Ken Saunders, Chief Financial Officer

    Ken Saunders joined Sizmek as CFO in October 2014. He brings global financial expertise to Sizmek, having served as Chief Financial Officer at a number of technology companies. Prior to Sizmek, Saunders was a Partner at Black Dragon Capital, where he served as CFO of two portfolio companies he helped establish: Fortress Risk Management (a fraud monitoring and compliance solutions company) and Payveris (a next generation payments platform company). Prior to those roles, he was CFO of BeyondTrust Software, where he helped acquire and integrate six companies helping to triple revenues in his first two years with the company. Saunders joined BeyondTrust from Bazaarvoice, Inc., where, as the company's first CFO, he helped establish the company's financial processes and controls, corporate information systems and develop its IT organization, while helping to triple revenues over his tenure.

  • Ricky Liversidge, Chief Marketing Officer

    Ricky Liversidge, Chief Marketing Officer

    Ricky is the CMO of Sizmek. During his daily grind, Ricky focuses on evangelizing Sizmek’s campaign management solutions to advertisers around the world. Before Ricky took on the reins of all of product, marketing and corporate communications at the company, he worked at Adobe for 17 years. Most recently, Ricky was VP of Product Marketing for Media Solutions at Adobe. When he’s not working, British-born Ricky is barking at his dog or training for the Iron Man. Or, you know, just a marathon.

  • Andrew Bloom, SVP of International Sales

    Andrew Bloom, SVP of International Sales

    Andrew is VP, International Sales at Sizmek, where he leads our EMEA and APAC sales teams, publisher business, and business development efforts. Before Andrew acquired so many initials in his title, he was in charge of partner development at Spot Runner and led acquisitions, partnerships, strategy and innovation at Getty Images. In his previous life, Andrew was also a senior associate at New York-based Accelerator Group, and a corporate lawyer at Davis Polk & Wardwell and Slaughter and May. In his nonworking hours, Andrew loves to obsess over football (a.k.a. “soccer”): coaching his son’s team, playing for Geezer FC every weekend at sunrise, or watching his beloved Arsenal.

  • Mike Caprio, GM of Programmatic & SVP of Partnerships

    Mike Caprio, GM of Programmatic & SVP of Partnerships

    Mike oversees Sizmek’s programmatic strategy and operations, including the commercial and strategic oversight of sales, operations, research and development, product, and partnerships globally across Sizmek’s mobile and video DSP, StrikeAd. Spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia, Mike’s team works closely with agencies, trading desks, brands, and publishers.  Mike has spent nearly 20 years in media advertising, beginning with sales efforts at ABC/Disney and CBS before founding SoftWave Media Exchange, the industry’s first DSP for TV and Radio. He moved on to head sales operations at Visible World and DG, before joining Sizmek as GM of Vantage, the Sizmek trading desk, and leading Sizmek’s sales across Latin America. 

  • Canaan Schladale-Zink, VP of Sales, Americas

    Canaan Schladale-Zink, VP of Sales, Americas

    Canaan Schladale-Zink is Sizmek’s Vice President of Sales, Americas. With nearly a decade of experience in sales and operations, Canaan now leads one of the most dynamic sales teams in the ad tech industry. Canaan started his career in television advertising at Katz Media Group, where his curiosity and youthful naiveté of corporate red tape led him to selling one of the first online video deals for the organization. At that point, he was hooked on digital advertising, and moved to Eyewonder, which was acquired by Sizmek. Given the reality of rapidly changing technology, Canaan is committed to helping major advertisers and agencies navigate the complex creative, media, and tech landscape across display, mobile, video, social, and programmatic advertising. A devoted student of advertising with a passion for technology, Canaan strives for a daily balance of learning, teaching, and performance in digital marketing.

  • Jack Reynolds, CVP of Global Human Resources

    Jack Reynolds, CVP of Global Human Resources

    Jack is the CVP of Global Human Resources at Sizmek. He comes to the company with seasoned HR expertise in strategy and program development, talent management, organizational alignment, change management and all the other good stuff of HR operations. Prior to Sizmek, Jack led HR teams at DG, WPP, Capital One, Aegis and Ernst & Young. When his mind isn’t on the 900+ people who work at Sizmek, Jack is spending time with family and friends, enjoying outdoor sports, listening to blues, rock and country music, or simply searching for great BBQ joints, hole-in-the-wall Tex-Mex, and burger dives.

  • Rachel Walkden, SVP of Global Operations

    Rachel Walkden, SVP of Global Operations

    Rachel Walkden is SVP of Global Operations. A born productivity buff, Rachel focuses on delivering world-class service and support to Sizmek’s clients around the globe. Whether you drive the platform yourself or Sizmek does it on your behalf, Rachel leads a team of ops ninjas who partner with you every step of the way from day one. Rachel has many years of experience in digital media operations, including leading global operations at Operative, growing the services business there three-fold, and as COO for Ringleader Digital, scaling up the business more than ten-fold. When not focused on figuring out ways for Sizmek to serve its customers better, Rachel likes to be doing something adventurous and vaguely dangerous.

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