Programmatic is exploding. Sizmek connects your strategy.

Sizmek makes programmatic simple and effective.

Sizmek makes programmatic simple and effective.

Programmatic advertising is complex, but with Sizmek you get the tools and services you need to simplify and ensure success.  

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Learn what makes Sizmek programmatic different.

When it comes to programmatic, there are many great partners to activate and manage your campaigns but it’s just not practical for you to work with all of them. But we do. Sizmek will help you connect all the pieces of your strategy, across all channels anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s our self service mobile first DSP StrikeAd, or our managed service trading desk Vantage, we help both new and experienced media agencies and trading desks reach the right audiences at the right time.

With Sizmek you can:

  • Buy targeted media at massive scale across the globe, using our easy, self-serve platform.
  • Maximize efficiencies through our integrated tools.
  • Supercharge the impact of your brand’s story by connecting programmatic to Sizmek’s amazing dynamic creative and targeting capabilities.
  • Buy media across open exchange and private marketplaces with StrikeAd by Sizmek, or manage your own programmatic buys via our DSP Connect program. 
  • Manage frequency capping across multiple DSPs, so you’re not bidding on people who have seen your ad multiple times before. Sizmek’s integration with ad server data means you can control your segments from a single place.
  • Get the best in programmatic targeting. Use our semantic analysis technology, contextual ad targeting, and more, to make sure you’re bidding for where you really want your ads to be seen.
  • Connect to local supply. Don’t miss out on the niche local markets that you want to target.
  • Get mobile programmatic right. StrikeAd by Sizmek is a pioneer and industry leader in mobile programmatic technology. 
  • Access our in-house trading experts and our award-winning customer support team, here to help with any questions about our programmatic buying tools.
Spend Smarter with Sizmek

Spend Smarter with Sizmek

Leverage programmatic-specific insights within the context of your entire media plan, so that each and every display, video, and mobile advertisement resonates with each person it reaches.

Do Mobile Programmatic Right

Do Mobile Programmatic Right

StrikeAd takes the complexities out of mobile programmatic and helps you buy inventory at whatever scale you’re looking for while pinpointing mobile and video customers through hundreds of different data points.

Protect Your Brand

Protect Your Brand

With Sizmek’s verification reporting and viewability tools, you’ll get a clear look into what’s going on behind the scenes of your campaign. Plus pre-bid media relevance targeting means your ad is served in the right context to the right audience every time.

Learn why Sizmek means epic support.

Get the job done with seamless management for local and global campaigns on any channel or vertical.

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