Programmatic Creative

Powerful storytelling that breaks through programmatic constraints.

Rich media engagement, programmatic efficiency.

Rich media engagement, programmatic efficiency.

Sizmek’s unique suite of data, media, and creative delivers high-impact, engaging storytelling within the complex programmatic environment.

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Programmatic Creative—Where inspiration meets data optimization.

In the past, programmatic and creative have existed across a great divide, with programmatic’s quick turnarounds and tight budgets making rich media and dynamic creative’s engagement seem an impossible dream. But it doesn’t have to be an either/or choice between programmatic efficiency and creative integrity.

Sizmek Programmatic Creative allows you to:

  • Leverage prepackaged templates to get great-looking creative out quickly
  • Build and author rich media ads fast
  • Author HTML5 VPAID interactive ads codelessly
  • Run high-impact rich media formats scalably
  • Integrate first- and third-party audience data for targeting
  • Visually build out your audience and creative strategy
  • Set up large-scale DCO campaigns quickly
  • Exercise creative control over massively personalized campaigns
Author Ads Like a Pro

Author Ads Like a Pro

Build compelling HTML5 rich media and interactive video ads without writing a line of code using Sizmek Ad Builder. A wealth of components, responsive features, and animation controls makes it the ideal creative tool for programmatic.

Creative Done Simply and at Scale

Creative Done Simply and at Scale

People hesitate using high-impact rich media in programmatic because it’s complicated. We simplify it with single-tag formats that run seamlessly.


Visualize Your Audience

Visualize Your Audience

Data Hub coupled with Visual Workflow provides you with a powerful audience strategy tool so you can visualize the full-funnel customer journey by activating advertisers’ first- and third-party data.

Efficient, Flexible DCO—Programmatically

Efficient, Flexible DCO—Programmatically

Don’t sacrifice creative integrity for efficiency. Mix predesigned creative versions, targeting rules, and real-time creative assembly to get the perfect balance of control and automation.

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