Sizmek Is Acquiring Rocket Fuel for $145 Million to Create a Formidable Ad-Tech Force
July 18, 2017, Adweek
The deal should allow the private equity-backed Sizmek to harness Rocket Fuel’s artificial intelligence-powered platform while creating one of the largest independent marketing platforms.

Sizmek to Acquire Fellow Ad Tech Company Rocket Fuel
July 18, 2017, The Wall Street Journal
Sizmek, an advertising technology company owned by private-equity firm Vector Capital, has agreed to acquire public ad-tech company Rocket Fuel Inc. for $125.5 million, or $2.60 per share.

Fighting Fake News Requires Multi-Pronged Programmatic Approach
July 12, 2017, MediaPost
In programmatic, where audience has taken on a much larger emphasis than content, effectively avoiding fake news requires a more detailed and coordinated strategy.

GroupM Discovers Frequency Capping Is A Data Integration Challenge
July 12, 2017, AdExchanger
GroupM, which already uses Sizmek for general ad serving, rich media and dynamic creative optimization, is evaluating its new cross-DSP frequency capping solution that aims to improve frequency capping across multiple DSPs.

Video’s Shift to Long-Form Necessitates Fexible, Cross-Device Ad Content
July 5, 2017, IABUK
Gregg Rogers, Global Product Marketing Manager at Sizmek writes alongside Brant Nesbitt, Interactive Design Lead, looking at the shift of video.

The Three-Second Audition: How to Ensure Video Ads Make the Cut
July 4, 2017, PerformanceIN
Sizmek’s Andrew Morsy on why advertisers need to give ads instant impact.

Sizmek Adds Digital Audio to Ad Server & StrikeAd DSP
June 27, 2017, ExchangeWire
Gregg Rogers, product marketing manager, Sizmek tells ExchangeWire: “The opportunity digital audio presents to marketers is immense – Spotify has over 140 million active users alone. With easy scalability, strong ad recall, and the ability to reach targeted, relevant audiences, digital audio advertising should be an integral part of any multi-channel campaign.

The Perils of Presumptive Personalisation
June 26, 2017, Fourth Source
For marketers keen to realise their goals of increased ROI and brand perception, now is the time to implement personalisation and data-driven creative. There are a variety of data points available to brands and agencies to better segment audiences and ensure they receive ads that are tailored to their interests, and contain specific products, messaging or imagery that will appeal to them.

Sizmek Creates Tool to Let Brands Block Ads on Fake News and Satire Websites
June 20, 2017, The Drum
Sizmek has launched a service within its Peer39 machine learning and semantic advertising offering that allows brands to block their ads from appearing against fake news and satire content.

The Precarious Predicament of Point Solutions
June 20, 2017, MarketingTech
Reminiscent of the once popular magic eye pictures of the 1990s, the current martech LUMAscape is a colourful but confusing blur of point solutions, which have emerged onto the market over the years. Regular visitors to Mobile World Congress and dmexco will know only too well that the number of new companies offering martech solutions has reached an all-time high.

All Ads Up: Sizmek Talks Mobile Advertising
June 5, 2017, MobileMarketing
Tyrone Stewart talks everything mobile advertising with Andrew Morsy, UK managing director at Sizmek and former VP of sales EMEA at StrikeAd – which was acquired by Sizmek in 2015.

Audience Buying Delivers People, Not Safety
June 2, 2017, MediaPost
At this moment, there is a popular online platform facing an advertising crisis. Fueled by both user-generated and premium content, this platform generates incredible engagement numbers with a massive audience, but is struggling amid fears that brand messages are lining up alongside unsafe and unsavory content.  

5G Is Set to Change the World, But What Will It Do for Marketers?
May 23, 2017, ExchangeWire
Andrew Morsy, UK managing director, Sizmek delves into what opportunities 5G will bring to mobile advertising.

Sizmek Hires First Data Officer, Initiates Ops Overhaul
May 15, 2017, MediaPost
Sizmek announced the appointment of Volker Hatz as its first chief data officer. Hatz will lead Sizmek’s data operations, analytics strategy and innovation in the data space.

Programmatic Rich Media Has Forgotten About Efficiency
May 8, 2017, IAB UK
Michael McNulty, Product Marketing Manager at Sizmek writes for the IAB UK on programmatic rich media.

Avoid Checklist Mentality When Shopping For Creative Tech
May 8, 2017, MediaPost
Advertising technology is complicated stuff. The industry adopted numerous abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms to help brands and agencies understand the technology (and to make it easier to sell). While this certainly fostered growth, it also created a “checklist mentality” for marketers looking to tackle digital.

As Publishers Shift To Server-Side Ad Insertion, Agencies Need To Follow Suit
April, 27, 2017, Fourth Source
John Douglas, Director of Product Strategy at Sizmek shares his views on ad verification and measurement.

Verification Requires Independence, But From What?
April, 26, 2017, IABUK
John Douglas, Director of Product Strategy at Sizmek shares his views on ad verification and measurement.

Is Programmatic Self-Serve REALLY Self Service?
April, 11, 2017, MediaPost
As digital ad buyers look for more control and transparency, we’re seeing increasing demand for “self-service” models, where advertisers (or their agency) handle all programmatic ad buying in-house. With many players in the programmatic space, and an increasing level of sophistication on the buy side, it’s realistic to assume self-service will continue to grow.

The Return of Rich Media in a Programmatic World
April, 10, 2017, Digital Market Asia
 We know there are some potential threats to the digital advertising industry, from the financially punitive ad-fraud schemes to concerns around media transparency and ad-blocking. To make matters worse, the digital advertising world is complex. New players are constantly entering the market, making it difficult for marketers to know where they should invest their budgets to get the business outcomes they’re looking for.

Finding Brand Safety In An Unsafe World
March 31, 2017, MediaPost
If you are a brand or an agency and want to avoid being embarrassed or worse, fired, make sure you have adequate protections in place around programmatic. 

What's Stalling Contextual Targeting For DCO?
March 29, 2017, MediaPost
The number of advertisers buying online media without some level of audience targeting attached to the buy is dwindling. At the same time, absolutely no advertiser would ever make a dynamic creative buy without leveraging multiple forms of data for targeting, nor would they leverage programmatic without using several signals for more efficient buying.

Shining the Light on Out-Stream Video Grey Areas
March 22, 2017, Fourth Source
Video has long been one of the most popular formats in digital advertising, and as more advertisers place greater emphasis on cross-screen strategies it is only expected to grow. 

HTML5 Transition: How and Why We Must Say Goodbye to Flash Brands
March 16, 2017, PerformanceIN
Flash has been on borrowed time for a while, but the contingency clock is about to stop.

The Rise of Native and the Changing Role of the Third Party Ad Server
March 16, 2017, MarketingTech
Right now, it’s apparent native advertising is one trend set to permanently alter the direction of digital travel. And for third-party ad servers this will mean big changes. 

The Ad Tech Shakeout Will Deliver Relevance For Brands
March 15, 2017, AdNews
Australia is often touted as one of the most advanced markets in the world for programmatic advertising consolidation, but is it over-fished?

Sizmek Partners With BrightLine To Offer Connected TV Across All Screens
March 13, 2017, MediaPost
The joint offering combines BrightLine’s interactive, OTT ad tools with Sizmek’s HTML5 VPAID (Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition) technology to enable marketers to replicate the video experience on desktop, across all screens.

Using Simple Math To Avoid Early Meddling With DCO Campaigns
March 13, 2017, MediaPost
Many brands are intrigued by the promise of dynamic creative optimization (DCO), since they can run singular campaigns that serve several permutations of an ad to different audiences, and then watch as the campaign optimizes itself.

Rethinking Brand Metrics As Creativity Capabilities Increase
March 3, 2017, IAB UK
Mike Caprio, GM of Programmatic & SVP Global Partnerships at Sizmek talks about brand metrics.

Sizmek Appoints New UK MD
March 1, 2017, Mediatel
Sizmek has promoted Andrew Morsy to the newly created role of UK managing director. In his new role, Morsy will be responsible for helping to transform and grow Sizmek's UK division, as well as managing the business' relationships with agencies, publishers and advertisers.

Three Video Interactivity Trends to Watch in 2017
February 7, 2017, Fourth Source
As video expands outside of the desktop experience, advertisers are looking for ways to further improve consumer engagement. To do so, they’ll likely rely on interactive capabilities, with particular emphasis on omni-screen interactivity, richer user-initiated out-stream video and 360-degree technology.

Sharethrough Integrates With Sizmek Mobile-First DSP
February 7, 2017, MediaPost
Native advertising supply-side platform (SSP) Sharethrough launched a programmatic native advertising integration with Sizmek’s StrikeAd, a mobile-first demand-side platform (DSP).

Sizmek CEO Nguyen To Depart, Xaxis Alum Mark Grether To Step In
February 6, 2017, AdExchanger
Grether believes his Xaxis experience set him up well to guide Sizmek, which he called the world’s second-largest ad server by volume. “Through my time with Xaxis, I have developed deep relationships with brands and a wealth of knowledge especially around monetization of big data that will help to win in today’s digital landscape,” he said.

Programmatic Consolidation Is Coming, But Where?
January 31, 2017, AdExchanger
The programmatic landscape has recently seen a rise in generic core platforms, forcing participants to look more closely at the factors that truly differentiate one platform from another. This has led to discussions of differentiation, commoditization and consolidation.

Sizmek’s Dynamically-Assembled Ad Serving Now Includes Audience Segments From DMPs
January 30, 2017, MarTech Today
The new Data Hub can also utilize previous ad history, such as ads already viewed from a specific advertiser.

Programmatic Personalization Requires Cross-Functional Collaboration
January 25, 2017, MediaPost
Achieving successful data-driven programmatic creative requires a dramatic departure from the current industry mindset and practices. 

Obsession Over Ad Verification Clouds A Bigger Concern
January 19, 2017, CMO
Too often, the art of contextual targeting gets lost in a larger table stakes conversation about verification.

Redefining Radio Advertising with Programmatic Audio
January 13, 2017, IAB UK
Alex Rahaman, VP Programmatic at Sizmek writes about radio advertising alongside programmatic audio.

Will Dynamic Creative Have Its Moment This Year?
January 6, 2017, MediaPost
Kelsey Meuse, product marketing manager, dynamic creative at Sizmek, a provider of semantic advertising software, thinks so.

Mobile Ad Fraud Exists Where Advertisers Least Expect It
January 4, 2017, ExchangeWire
Despite many deploying solutions and strategies to help prevent against fraud, explains Zach Schapira, global product strategist, Sizmek, malicious activity is still seeping through.

The Best-Kept Secrets About Ad-Serving Data
January 3, 2017, MediaPost
If a brand marketer is looking for a bigger return on ad spend, ad server data, if manipulated strategically, presents several opportunities that can reduce campaign costs and increase performance.

2017 Predictions: Sizmek
December 29, 2016, MobileMarketing
Alex Rahaman, VP of programmatic for StrikeAd at Sizmek, shares his predictions for the next year in mobile advertising

'The Paradox of Fraud Detection is that the More you Reveal...the Easier it is to Evade'
December 15, 2016, The Drum
Advertisers are increasingly shifting their media spend to mobile with many hoping the relatively regulated app store ecosystem will help mitigate the risk of fraud, but this is increasingly a false hope. The Drum investigates further.

Study Finds Ad Fraud In More Than Half Of Uncertified Apps
December 12, 2016, MediaPost
Ad fraud appears in more than half (52%) of uncertified apps and in nearly one-tenth (8%) of certified app traffic, according to a new white paper, “Advertising Fraud in Mobile Apps," released on Monday by Sizmek.

Programmatic Trading will Eventually Open Up the UK’s VOD Market
December 8, 2016, Video Ad News
Jaime Singson, Director of Product Marketing at Sizmek, explains how UK broadcasters and everyone else in the advertising ecosystem could benefit from a shift to programmatic advertising.

The Future of Marketing: 47 Experts Share Their 2017 Predictions
December 8, 2016, Business 2 Community
Take a look at what some industry experts predict for the world of marketing in 2017, including Sizmek's Product Marketing Manager, Dynamic Creative, Kelsey Meuse and Global Product Strategist, Zach Schapira. 

North America Banner Click Through Rate Up To 0.14%
December 6, 2016, MediaPost
According to a new study by Sizmek, reported by the Marketing Charts staff and based on an analysis of hundred of billions of impressions, the average click-through rate for a standard banner ad globally is 0.16%, though there were considerable differences across regions.

Sizmek Analysis Finds Increase In Click-Through With Rich Media Vs. Standard Banners
November 16, 2016, MediaPost
The report’s comparison of benchmarks indicates that rich media is often used by advertisers looking to foster ad-unit engagement, raising brand awareness without making it necessary that consumers interrupt their online experience.

Sizmek Updates its HTML5 Ad Builder Video Tool With VPAID Interactive Authoring
November 3, 2016, MarTech Today
To help publishers make the transition from one era to another, ad management company Sizmek is out today with an updated Ad Builder HTML5 video tool, which adds VPAID-based, no-coding interactive authoring.

Native Programmatic: the Future of Digital Advertising
November 2, 2016, IAB UK
Mike Caprio, General Manager of Programmatic & SVP Global Partnerships at Sizmek writes about native programmatic and how it may be the future of digital advertising.

Programmatic is Great, but Keep Creative Out of the Hands of the Robots
October 26, 2016, Fourth Source
The full potential of programmatic leverages cutting-edge data analysis while still relying on humans to develop (and push the boundaries of) creative. Robots can connect to other robots for targeting, but meaningful communication to humans still requires other humans to build beautiful imagery – the artwork that is actually going to catch a consumer’s attention and help them remember the brand.

The Struggle to Integrate Programmatic with Creative
October 26, 2016, MediaPost
While programmatic technology has focused on automating the buying and selling of digital advertising and has assimilated itself with display, video, and even native, it has struggled to integrate with the creative aspect of a modern-day campaign.

Why PR Pros must Align Earned and Paid Media During Crises
October 17, 2016, PR Daily
During a crisis, PR becomes a focal point, and an earned media strategy helps in influencing journalists. However, if the paid media strategy is not adjusted to work during a crisis, your organization or client could make a major gaffe to further tarnish the brand’s reputation.

Sizmek Launches Ad Builder 2.0
October 17, 2016, MediaPost
Sizmek announced on Monday the release of Ad Builder 2.0, an updated iteration of its rich-media authoring tool. This version includes an enhanced user interface, upgraded functionality and a new set of 20 rich-media programmatic creative templates enabled for HTML5 ads on mobile and desktop.

Mobile Video’s Obstacles are Not Only Being Overcome, But are Turning into Advantages for Advertisers
October 11, 2016, Video Ad News
Alex Rahaman, VP Programmatic of StrikeAd at Sizmek, explains how things that were once regarded as challenges for mobile advertisers, are now turning into opportunities that savvy advertisers can use to their advantage.

Uprooting Insights: How the GDPR is Driving a Data Centre Migration
October 6, 2016, The Drum
The EC’s decision to create a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not a revolution or a surprise, but a necessary upgrade. And despite Brexit, it will bring changes for us all.

In Today’s Ad Landscape, “Standard” Banners are Substandard
September 27, 2016, IABUK
Marketers need to avoid these inadequate formats, and instead capitalise on rich media ads to reshape how consumers see and experience the brand’s advertising online.

A Survival Kit For Using Data In Programmatic Creative
September 19, 2016, MediaPost
Programmatic creative is about understanding both the ecosystem in which you are bidding in, as well as the optimal creative message to deliver once you’ve won the bid.  And the data you have available needs to be leveraged at every step along the way.  

Sizmek Hopes to Redefine DCOs with its Newest Creative Tool
September 7, 2016, Marketing Land
Called Rich Media for Programmatic Creative, the self-service product is the latest iteration of the company’s Programmatic Creative solution, which is a creative platform that helps to automatically assemble ads from mix-and-match creative components for different needs and audiences.

Facebook, Header Bidding And The Fight For Control Of The Publisher Ecosystem
September 2, 2016, AdExchanger
Most of the buzz around Facebook’s entry into header bidding is about disrupting Google’s dominance across its publisher stack, but there is a bigger development that the industry needs to heed.

AIM Interviews: Alex Rahaman, VP Programmatic, StrikeAd by Sizmek
August 25, 2016, adsquare
In the interview, Alex discusses with our VP Marketing Daniel the power of mobile moments in sending a personal message to the consumer. 

Fuisz partners with Sizmek for Automated Object-Recognition in Video Ads
August 24, 2016, Marketing Land
The partnership is the first full integration between the interactive video provider and a major ad server.

Make the Right Impression: A Field Guide to DCO
August 23, 2016, ExchangeWire
Alex Rahaman, VP programmatic, StrikeAd, Sizmek explains to ExchangeWire that extraneous factors, such as time, location, or past behaviour must be factored into dynamic creative to drive maximum performance and avoid wastage.

Peer39 by Sizmek Integrates With Bucksense' Programmatic To Enhance Media Buying
August 17, 2016, MediaPost
Bucksense, a New York City-based programmatic platform and subsidiary of the Acotel-group, announced that it has integrated Peer39 by Sizmek’s page and app-level intelligence into its platform.

In-Browser Viewability Can Move Advertising Away From Legacy Of Waste
August 17, 2016, MediaPost
Viewability is one of the hot-button topics that larger marketers have continued to focus on over the past few years. The increased importance has led to a rise in companies offering viewability solutions for advertisers.

Trailer 2.0: What the Future of Video Advertising
August 16, 2016, Cynopsis
Entertainment marketers have always been one step ahead when it comes to deploying successful video advertising content and strategies, and this is no surprise considering their content is ready-made for these ads. 

Carrier Intervention Into Ad Blocking: Are the Rewards Worth the Effort?
August 11, 2016, IAB UK
Tej Rekhi AVP, Programmatic Product Strategy at Sizmek writes about ad blocking and questions whether it's worth the mobile providers effort.

Overcome Confusion Over Programmatic Responsibilities, Says Sizmek
August 9, 2016, Which-50
Marketers who combine programmatic media targeting with dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) generally get the best performance, however there’s a problem.

Verification Should Be More Than An Audit DSP
August 8, 2016, iMedia
Verification should be much more than an audit. In order to capture its value, advertisers need to start thinking about it more broadly.

Lasting Connections Trump Reach When it Comes to Olympic Marketing
August 5, 2016, MarketingTech
While this year’s games are expected to draw a global TV audience of 3. 6 billion, over 80% of viewers will be distracted by another device.

Women to Watch 2016: Agents of Change
August 5, 2016, Campaign Asia
Against all odds, women in Asia-Pacific are fighting their way to the top. Those featured here are just a few leading the revolution, including Sizmek's Kaoru Hashimoto.

Sizmek Partners With Dailymotion Exchange And Enhances Mobile DSP
August 4, 2016, MediaPost
Sizmek on Thursday announced enhancements to StrikeAd, its mobile-first programmatic media solution for brands and trading desks, and introduced a partnership with Dailymotion Exchange (DMX).

Why Carnival Cruises Chose Personalised Retargeting to Attract Customers
July 27, 2016, CMO
The cruise holiday company’s digital marketing head reveals how Sizmek's dynamic creative, adaptive messaging and individualised ads can attract and retain the right customer base.

Rich Media is Ushering in a Creative Renaissance in Digital
July 27, 2016, IAB UK
David Simutis, Product Marketing Manager at Sizmek talks about rich media and how the levels of creativity will improve as advertisers make use of more data signals and use better tools.

How Mobile Location Tracking Can Improve High Street Retail Fortunes
July 26, 2016, Real Business
With the high profile collapse of BHS, and high street footfall falling year-on-year, these are worrying times for UK retailers. But what if they could predict approaching woes ahead of time and take evasive action?

Don't Target Consumers Out At Sea: A Guide to Successful Location Targeting
July 19, 2016, ExchangeWite
Tej Rekhi, AVP, global mobile product sales and David Bräuninger, head of programmatic partnerships and business development, Sizmek tell ExchangeWire how the technologies available to track location make it an incredibly powerful tool, but that you must consider the limitations of location data.

MediaCorp Selects Sizmek as Mobile Ad Partner
July 19, 2016, The Drum
The deal with Sizmek will see MediaCorp brands, including Channel News Asia, Elle, Toggle, and TodayOnline, adopting the ad tech to serve dynamic mobile ads.

Freedom to Roam: How Marketers Can Make the Most of Mobile Video
July 18, 2016, Video Ad News
David Simutis, Product Marketing Manager at Sizmek, provides some practical tips that marketers can apply to ensure smooth delivery of their mobile video campaigns.

Are You Using All Your First-Party Data?
July 18, 2016, MediaPost
Despite the plethora of all that alluring second- and third-party data, many brands have realized by now that their most valuable audience data is in fact their own first-party data.

TV Under The Influence: Beware Of The Spread Of Walled Gardens
July 14, 2016, AdExchanger
A walled garden in this context is an ad-supported platform that restricts third-party companies from operating on their networks. This, in turn, curtails advertisers’ access to customer data, data management, targeting, viewability and measurement by audience or other basic metrics. These walled gardens don’t even support many IAB standards.

Think Dynamic Creative Isn’t Right for Your Brand? Think Again
July 13, 2016, IAB UK
Kelsey Meuse, Product Marketing Manager, Sizmek talks about dynamic creative and how it can boost the impact of your brand.

Simplifying The Complex Video Ad Serving Process
July 8, 2016, Martech Advisor
Jaime Singson, Director of Product Marketing at Sizmek explains how deploying a successful video advertising strategy doesn’t have to be an inefficient, labor-intensive process.

Sizmek's New Data Centre in Germany is a Sign of Things Come Ahead of GDPR
July 5, 2016, The Drum
Ad tech outfit Sizmek has announced the opening of a new data centre in Frankfurt, Germany, a development that will allow it to better adhere to the upcoming pan-European data protection rules, plus address advertiser issues such as latency when bidding on inventory.

Predicting Viewability: What Are the Factors that Matter?
July 5, 2016, PerfomanceIN
Sizmek conducted its own exploration into the realms of ad perception and what makes some impressions more equal than others.  

It’s Time to Bring Context Back to Advertising
June 22, 2016, IAB UK
Zach Schapira, Product Marketing Manager at Sizmek argues that the constant need for marketers to find the right person means that many have lost focus on the importance of context.

Video’s Watershed Moment: The Death of Flash and Why HTML5 VPAID Is Now a Must
June 21, 2016, Video Ad News 
Jaime Singson, Director of Product Marketing at Sizmek, explains what the industry needs to do to prepare over the coming months.

4 Sound Solutions To Rich-Media Programmatic's Top Challenges
June 15, 2016, MediaPost
Programmatic hasn’t fully welcomed rich media’s contributions to its team, or at least not yet. And there are a few reasons why.

Imran Masood Appointed Sizmek Australia Country Manager ANZ
June 14, 2016, Which-50
Imran Masood is the new Sizmek Country Manager Australia and New Zealand. He was previously the sales director, a role he held for six months.

Location Data: More Than Just a Real-Time Tool
June 11, 2016, MMA UK
Far from just a real-time tool that allows marketers to serve messaging to consumers in a specific location, mobile location data also provides a reliable and detailed source of consumer insight to ensure those ads reach the right individuals. 

Why Cross-Channel Strategy is Vital for Euro 2016 Glory
June 10, 2016, The Drum
The beautiful game has always been as much about its spectators as the action on the field, and at last brand marketers are starting to recognise this sporting truth.

How DCO Fuels a Full-Funnel Ad Strategy
June 7, 2016, IAB UK
Kelsey Meuse, Product Marketing Manager, Dynamic Creative at Sizmek talks about dynamic creative optimisation and how it can benefit an ad strategy.

MRC Grants Sizmek Accreditation for Video Viewability
June 7, 2016, MediaPost
The Media Rating Council (MRC) has accredited Sizmek for desktop digital video viewability measurement. This means that Sizmek’s desktop viewable ad impressions meet industry standards.

Political Advertisers Are Only Scraping the Surface of Video’s Potential
May 18, 2016, IAB UK
Jaime Singson, Director, Product Marketing at Sizmek explains how political advertisers could be getting more out of their campaigns with the use of video.

Sizmek Adds Safety To Its Stack, Integrates Peer39 Data Into StrikeAd
May 11, 2016, AdExchanger
"The integration brings contextual pre-bid data previously available through Peer39 on desktop to programmatic buys on the mobile web and in apps – which are two very different environments despite often being lumped together under the same umbrella." - Mike Caprio, Global VP and GM of Programmatic at Sizmek

The Underrated Power Of Context In Political Advertising
May 10, 2016, MediaPost
Political campaigns looking to make a difference online would be wise to pay attention to the contextual relevance of their ads.

The Untapped Opportunity Behind Real-Time Weather Data
May 6, 2016, iMedia Connection
Everyone knows that as a consumer, weather affects buying decisions. How likely am I to buy new sunglasses while it's raining outside? What are the odds that I invest in a new winter jacket on the hottest day of the season? On a macro level, many advertisers understand this, too

Sizmek, Datami Partner For Ad-Supported Data Plans In Emerging Markets
May 5, 2016, MediaPost
Open ad management company Sizmek announced a partnership with sponsored data firm Datami to sponsor data plans for individuals in emerging markets by serving them mobile video ads. The plans will allow mobile users on prepaid data plans access to mobile video content they wouldn’t normally be able to consume.

Define Gray Areas in Programmatic Before They Define You
May 4, 2016, MediaPost
The democratization of media, the advent of low-cost programmatic, and the growth of ad blocking have left many digital publishers struggling to keep the lights on. Some have relied on the strength of their content to attract more users -- and in turn, on the strength of their audience, to attract more and deeper-pocketed advertisers. Others have tried to raise the price of media on their properties, usually by bundling it together with data and/or creative formats and services. But having fallen short in similar attempts, a growing niche of publishers — especially long-tail publishers that rely on networks and exchanges to sell their inventory — are resorting to alternative methods.

Dynamic Creative is Not a Slot Machine
April 27, 2016, IAB UK
VP Product Strategy at Sizmek, Alex White, talks about Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) and the prerequisite of personalisation in digital advertising in 2016.

Sizmek Further Expands Programmatic Business Unit in Southeast Asia
April 27, 2016, Marketing Magazine
Sizmek has added three new executives to its Southeast Asian Programmatic Business Unit, including digital industry veteran Po Yean Ng (pic) to head up Asia-wide operations.

IPA Bellwether Report Q1 2016
April 25, 2016, ExchangeWire
“The marketing industry is clearly impacted by the current global economic climate. It’s unsurprising to see an increase in internet ad spend, given it offers a high degree of measurability and targeting, and, consequently, return on investment. But this trend is masked under a cloud of economic uncertainty. The reduction in sales promotion and direct marketing reinforces the decline of single-shot marketing to more effective practices that better capture the ‘always on’ consumer, such as cross-device digital marketing.” - Ricky Liversidge, CMO, Sizmek 

What You Didn’t Know About Optimising Viewability in RTB
April 22, 2016, AdNews
Viewability is a vexed issue in digital advertising. A recent study conducted by the team behind our Sizmek's Peer39 machine learning engine shows that the majority of websites have shockingly consistent viewable rates. 

For Brand Campaigns, Mobile Must Be More Than A Delivery Mechanism
April 19, 2016, MediaPost
With mobile ad spending expected to be twice the size of the desktop market by the end of 2017 (according to eMarketer), it’s safe to say that every advertiser has (or will have) a mobile component in place for every campaign they run going forward. 

From Ad Serving to Full Campaign Management: Q&A with Neil Nguyen, CEO, Sizmek
April 18, 2016, ExchangeWire
In efforts to significantly expand their footprint and offer a strong competitive alternative in the market, Sizmek have launched MDX-NXT. In an exclusive interview, Neil Nguyen, CEO, Sizmek, tells ExchangeWire what this new product offering means for the second-biggest player in the ad-serving market and the ability for it to help clients embrace omnichannel marketing strategy and execution.

Online Video Lacks 'Standardised Currency and Transparency'
April 07, 2016, AdNews
Neil Nguyen, the CEO of Sizmek, says that on the whole more clients are investing in online video advertising than before, a market that YouTube dominates with 75% of online video content consumption. 

Sizmek Launches New Open Ad Management Platform for Multi-Devices
April 05, 2016, Digital Market Asia
More than just ad serving, MDX-NXT brings more speed and efficiency to the trafficking process and faster access to data.

Sizmek Announces Next Generation Open Ad Management
April 05, 2016, MobileMarketing
Multi-screen ad management platform Sizmek has announced a huge overhaul of its ad tech stack, transforming its service into what it describes as a ‘cloud-based modular suite’, called MDX-NTX.

Sizmek Releases Next-Generation Open Ad-Management Platform
April 04, 2016, MediaPost
Sizmek announced the launch of MDX-NXT, an open ad-management platform. Two years in development, the platform enables customers to build and target ads, buy media, manage data and campaigns and evaluate their success across all digital channels and touchpoints: mobile phones, desktops, tablets, in-store.

Seismic Changes Come To Sizmek’s Stack 
April 04, 2016, AdExchanger
Sizmek has rebuilt most of its ad tech stack into what it describes as a cloud-based modular suite. The rejiggered product is called MDX-NXT. 

Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform Now Offers Granular Contextual Targeting from Page-Level Intelligence Leader Peer39 by Sizmek
March 24, 2016, MarTech Advisor
Drawbridge, the anonymized digital identity company, has partnered with Peer39® by Sizmek, the world’s largest cookie-free targeting solution, to directly integrate Peer39’s contextual relevance data into the Drawbridge Cross-Device Platform. 

Tech in a Cold Climate: Should the Industry Consolidate or Cooperate?
March 21, 2016, AdTech Daily
A major shake-out of the ad tech industry is imminent and there are two options for the unwieldy ecosystem – consolidation or cooperation. So which route will be the most effective in the long term and why? 

Sizmek's StrikeAd Opens Up Private Marketplaces For Mobile Marketers 
March 17, 2016, MediaPost
Sizmek announced that its clients can now execute private marketplace (PMP) programmatic transactions through StrikeAd, a mobile-first programmatic solution. 

Facebook's Abandonment Of Multichannel DSP Raises More Questions
March 16, 2016, MediaPost
As one of the largest media platforms in existence, Facebook has done an incredible job applying its technology to place the right content in front of the right people at the right time, and could singlehandedly be responsible for spawning the $100 billion mobile advertising market. So what went wrong? 

7 Best-Practice Tips for Mobile Video Advertising
March 16, 2016, Mobile Marketer
With Mobile World Congress just behind us, mobile marketing strategies have been top of mind, so let us take a closer look at seven best practices that will ensure that marketers can capture users’ attention with their mobile video advertising. 

Agencies Need to Simplify Ad Tech for Marketers or Lose Out to Consultancies Says Sizmek Boss
March 03, 2016, mUmBRELLA
Talking to mUmBRELLA Asia in Singapore, Neil Nguyen, president and CEO of the Austin, Texas-based firm, said that a low barrier to entry for ad tech players has given rise to a raft of smaller, niche players claiming to do “anything and everything,” and the market lacks differentiation and transparency. 

Being Seen: Reducing the Risks Around Viewability
February 29, 2016, MarTech Advisor
Last month, it was announced that online ad fraud is expected to cost brands $7.2bn globally in 2016, because of an infiltration of botnets, networks of computers infected with malicious software. Ben Walmsley, Sizmek's regional vice president for Northern Europe, discusses. 

Today's Super Bowl Advertising Is Entirely Different Ball Game
February 05, 2016, MediaPost
As brands transition from creating a memorable and/or funny 30-second piece of content to developing a cross-platform experience, loaded with ways to explore high-touch, lengthy immersions, it’s critical to have the right strategies in place to enable these high-impact experiences. 

In Programmatic Advertising, Technology Is A Tool, Not A Strategy
January 28, MediaPost
Advertising technology at its core is designed to foster this environment. But in order to prevent consumer disfavor and more ad blocking, players must move away from the idea that technologies like programmatic are a strategy. 

Interoperability: Why It Must Become the New Industry Standard
January 26, 2016, ExchangeWire
Interoperability will become the buzzword for 2016, so why is it essential for the future of ad tech? Ben Walmsley, regional VP Northern Europe, Sizmek tells ExchangeWire why the ability for systems to communicate and exchange data across organisational boundaries is the sustainable option to achieve common marketing goals. 

Walking The Tightrope Between Effective Targeting And Alarming Your Audience
January 14, WallBlog
In a relentless quest for innovation and efficiency, online marketing seems to have ignored real-world etiquette. Consumers are often taken aback by how much brands track their online activity to deliver highly personalised ads, leaving them feeling that their privacy has been violated. 

Sizmek Earns Desktop, Mobile Web And In-App MRC Accreditation
January 14, 2016, MediaPost
Open ad management company Sizmek announced it now has desktop, mobile Web and in-app Media Rating Council accreditation (the only company with ad-serving functionality to claim all three accreditations.) 

Industry Thought Leaders Share Predictions for 2016
January 04, 2016, ExchangeWire
ExchangeWire spoke to several senior marketing professionals from leading ad tech companies about their expectations for 2016, including Sizmek's Regional VP of Northern Europe, Ben Walmsley. 

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