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Build, serve, analyze, and optimize mobile ads, on any device.

Our approach to mobile is beyond “mobile first.” Way beyond.

Our approach to mobile is beyond “mobile first.” Way beyond.

Looking for the best solution for your mobile campaign? Sizmek understands mobile is the linchpin of your advertising strategy.

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It’s time to get personal.

Your customer’s mobile devices are as personal as it gets—their phones are with them throughout the day, in their most important moments. Deliver the mobile ads that will speak to them at these moments.

  • Build vibrant and rich media ads for mobile easily with our HTML5 Ad Builder.
  • Target your customers with mobile-appropriate messaging.
  • Use Dynamic Creative, plus your customers’ geo-location, to deliver the most relevant ads. 
  • Cater to specific devices, time of day, and usage environment. Mobile is not one size fits all.
  • Sizmek fully integrates with your data so you can access from all your sources. 
  • Build seamless workflows so you’re not duplicating efforts. 

Sizmek gets your omni-channel campaign up and running smoothly, while accessing the tools you need for mobile ad serving and mobile ad attribution in one place.

Sizmek Mobile Solutions

Easily Build HTML5 Mobile Ads

Easily Build HTML5 Mobile Ads

Sizmek’s Ad Builder for HTML5  tool works for all screens, so you can create HTML5 ads for mobile devices painlessly. Plus, our HTML5 Guides and training videos will help you through the process and keep you up to date on best practices.

Why You Need a Mobile DSP

Why You Need a Mobile DSP

Don’t get lost in complexity. StrikeAd, the world’s first mobile-specific DSP, makes the complicated easy so you can focus on what's important.


Preview Creative on Mobile

Preview Creative on Mobile

Our simulators show how your creative will work in different mobile environments – making sure your ads display the way they’re supposed to.


Learn why Sizmek means epic support.

Get the job done with seamless management for local and global campaigns on any channel or vertical.

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Use Sizmek’s mobile ad platform to:

  • Easily create HTML5 ads
  • Personalize to any audience, anywhere
  • Integrate your data 
  • Simulate how your campaign will display on different devices


  • Deliver mobile-specific creative
  • Enable rich creative mobile experiences
  • Target by device, location, daypart, operating system and more.
  • Find award-winning service and support whenever you need it

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