Data Enablement

Our AI-powered platform can help you identify powerful insights within your data across the five key dimensions of predictive marketing—campaigns, consumers, context, creative, and cost. You’ll be able to foster and maintain deeper, more engaged relationships with your audiences, and deliver deeply personal advertising everywhere it matters.

Unlock valuable insights with Sizmek’s AI-powered decisioning engine. Increase your impact, maximize your performance, and move your marketing from programmatic to predictive.

Share and learn from data across your entire media plan, including display, video, search, desktop, mobile, and advanced TV. Go from high-level to event-level data to discover insights across multiple DSPs and publishers.

Let the creative, formats, features, and experiences that impact your audience the most guide your creative decisions in the future.

Sizmek AI continuously learns from billions of data points across your campaigns, consumers, contexts, creatives, and media costs to help you achieve optimal results.

Media Execution

When you need to plan, buy, execute, and measure campaigns with precision, our AI-powered solutions elevate your media plan and empower you to align creative with data to create individualized branded experiences that can dramatically increase your media performance.

Whether you’re focused on brand building or lower funnel performance outcomes, plan, execute, and optimize your campaigns the way they were meant to be—holistically.

Gain better programmatic control and efficiency with AI that continuously learns and improves your outcomes.

Unlike increasingly restrictive walled garden platforms, Sizmek is open and independent. You have the flexibility and freedom to work with any partner you want, capture all the available data across your entire media plan, and enjoy a full view across every screen.

Enjoy true transparency and instant access to every aspect of your campaign. Fly through your to-do list using intuitive wizards and visual workflows. Plus, self-service gives you the power to make faster, better decisions for richer results.

Creative Optimization

As the world’s largest independent ad server, Sizmek’s next-generation platform provides the fastest, most efficient way to deliver compelling, personalized experiences to consumers while offering you a single source of truth for measuring your data and unlocking new possibilities.

Inspire your creative with our wide range of powerful HTML5 authoring tools and award-winning library of formats, features, and capabilities for every skill set. Whether you code or prefer codeless authoring, you can create beautiful rich media, video, mobile, and more.

Create customized, compelling experiences at scale so your messages always get to the right person at the right time in real-time.

Quickly create and deliver single-tag creative with cross-device targeting that renders the right ad on every screen. Omnichannel was never easier with adaptive, responsive capabilities built right into our tools and code.

Want to harness the power of your data?