Dynamic Creative

Targeted advertising that's guaranteed to engage.

Personalize and optimize creative on a scale like never before.

Personalize and optimize creative on a scale like never before.

Sizmek gives you the power to serve the right ads to the right people at the right time, engage audiences and separate your brand from the crowd.

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Dynamic Creative that helps you reach audiences as big as your vision.

Sizmek Dynamic Creative lets you achieve extraordinary personalization, and optimum performance, and do it at scale. Use Sizmek DCO to reach more customers with the creative that’s right for them.

  • Supercharge your creative’s impact with targeted advertising that’s as unique as your customers.

  • Take advantage of Dynamic Creative that works across desktop, mobile, and video – and the economies of scale that this omnichannel solution offers.

  • Integrate and leverage your own data from any data source, whether that be your DMP, your product inventory API, a simple CSV file, or another source.

  • Use our powerful data and insights to gain the knowledge you need to understand your creative performance and your audiences.

  • Go mobile with targeted advertising. Take advantage of mobile opportunities with precise geolocation and mobile-specific creative.

  • Use our creative optimization engine to build the creative that’s right on target, every time.

  • Use a flexible template, or build your own using our custom authoring tool. We let you serve customized advertising with the look and feel of your choosing – all with the click of a button.

  • Say goodbye to resizing. Our responsive capabilities guarantee your ads look good everywhere, on any device, without spending countless hours creating multiple versions.

  • Do your own QA. Our visual QA tool makes it easy to spot errors and fix your dynamic ads before they go live.

Layer Messaging Strategies

Layer Messaging Strategies

Sizmek’s Dynamic Creative tools are the most versatile you’ll find anywhere, allowing you to build layered strategies across the purchase funnel to maximize each ad’s effect on customers.

Media Relevance in the Moment

Media Relevance in the Moment

Peer39 understands the contextual meaning of the pages your audiences visit, letting you align the message with the topics that matter in the moment.


Preview without Parallel

Preview without Parallel

Our preview tool is unparalleled in the industry, so you can complete a full visual QA before your ads go live. It’s easy to spot errors, fix messaging, and perfect your creative, long before it reaches your audience.

Sizmek Dynamic Creative gives you the power to:

  • Personalize ads at scale

  • Optimize on any channel

  • Deliver creative that will delight your customers

  • Contextualize your creative with semantic content analysis

  • Use data from any source

  • Manage all your assets in one easy-to-use system

  • Customize flexible templates

  • Retarget based on previous behavior

  • Target by location

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