Sizmek lets you put your data to work for your strategy.

Never compromise on data.

Never compromise on data.

Maximize your brand’s relevance across a diverse audience with a comprehensive platform that will support every aspect of your campaign.

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It’s your data – shouldn't it be up to you how to use it?

Our data solutions address all environments on all devices, so you can connect your data silos, see the complete data set underlying the customer journey, and amplify your capabilities to enhance customer experiences.

Sizmek puts your data to work for you, so your ads are always relevant to your audience – any moment, anywhere. Use Sizmek to:

  • Unify your data silos by bringing together multiple data sets from multiple partners.
  • Make media relevance work for you, by targeting the inventory you want and avoiding what you don't.
  • Use data to apply and test new audience segmentation strategies.
  • Move past model-based attribution.
  • Verify your delivery, keep your brand safe, and protect against fraud.
  • Access the best device intelligence available, to track your ads across nearly any channel and any screen.
  • Take action on your data through a robust individualized dashboard that gives you control like you’ve never had before. Access raw, customizable data feeds for advanced analytics.
Maximize Impressions

Maximize Impressions

Peer39 Media Relevance uses page-level data to target toward or away from specific content pre-bid, personalize messages or verify delivery post-buy — while keeping an eye on brand safety, page quality, ad fraud, and viewability.

Go Beyond Last-Click Attribution

Go Beyond Last-Click Attribution

Our Advanced Attribution tools provide optimization recommendations and real-time insights across media and touchpoints. You’re no longer limited to last-event or rule-based attribution; we calculate the incremental value of each component.

Integrate with All Your Partners

Integrate with All Your Partners

With Sizmek, you have the freedom to utilize the partners of your choosing. Our integrations and streamlined workflows eliminate redundancies and data discrepancies across all of your partners, so your entire solution is better integrated and stronger.

Get a Holistic View of Your Data

Get a Holistic View of Your Data

Sizmek lets you harness your data to make decisions on your entire strategy. Video, mobile, your campaigns … these aren’t silos, they’re pieces of the whole. Our data tools help you understand that whole, and take action on it.

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