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HTML5 VPAID Ads Triple Interaction Rates for Movistar
January 12, 2017
How do you get a savvy audience to engage despite a cluttered ad environment? Media agency Forward found the solution in its lively campaign for Telefónica Nicaragua’s Movistar brand. The agency used Sizmek HTML5 VPAID in a campaign that featured interactive buttons to showcase the brand’s benefits, enable users to discover more, and encourage social sharing.

Sizmek Dynamic Creative Hoists P&O Cruises Australia CTR 60%
May 31, 2016
Sizmek worked closely with MediaCom and the marketing team at P&O Cruises on a strategy that would drive more sales and ultimately increase return visits to the P&O Cruises website.

Sizmek Programmatic Delivers 48% More Revenue For Department Store Chain in Latin America
May 25, 2016
One of the largest department store chains in Latin America (85 stores in 17 shopping malls) wanted to increase its sales significantly for a special weekend sale. Because the sale was occurring in such a short timeframe, this retailer needed a concentrated communication plan to build awareness and excitement quickly and reach a high volume of users. The campaign had to both get the word out in conjunction with TV and print, and drive customer engagement and sales throughout the weekend.

beIN SPORTS Garners 25% More Ctr With Sizmek Dynamic Creative Multiscreen Campaign
December 16, 2015
beIN SPORTS is a global network of cable sports channels that caters primarily to soccer fans. The network wanted to maximize viewership for the Copa América South American soccer championships during June and July of 2015. beIN needed the campaign to break through online clutter and engage users when they were busy on mobile devices.

Morrisons Nearly Doubles Brand Awareness With Sizmek Mobile in Just Three Weeks
November 02, 2015
Morrisons is one of the U.K.’s largest supermarket chains. The company wanted to build measurable awareness for its fresh produce offering, but it also wanted to ensure that its ads were relevant and shown only to users within immediate range of a Morrison’s store. Using Sizmek’s mobile geo-targeting capabilities, the team developed a campaign targeted only to users located within a 15-minute drive of one of Morrison’s 500+ stores in the U.K., ensuring audience relevance.

HTC Captures Outstanding Brand Awareness via Targeting and Social Strategy
October 22, 2015
A global designer and manufacturer of smartphones and tablet devices, HTC wanted to drive brand awareness in Turkey for its M9 smartphone – its first major campaign in that market. Working with Sizmek and OmnicomMediaGroup, the advertiser launched its awareness campaign by casting a wide net, with nearly 94 million impressions served, using a run-of-exchange campaign across a range of targeted content segments and various channels to gather performance information at a low cost.

Garnier for Men Achieves 6 Times Higher Engagement With VPAID Video Ads
October 16, 2015
Garnier for Men, part of international personal care leader L’Oreal Paris, wanted to raise awareness of its products online and engage users, while also driving sales through e-commerce. Their strategy was to bring an already popular broadcast TV ad featuring famous Thai actor Ananda Everinghm to the digital realm. The twist: Adding interactive elements to the digital video, a first in the Thai market for Garnier for Men.

Richards Group Cuts Waste and Boosts Mobile Performance
August 26, 2015
Richards Group cuts waste and boosts mobile performance with Sizmek HTML5. Default ads down by 75%, interaction increases to more than 14%.

Sizmek Optimizes Promotion Strategy for the Gary Group
July 24, 2015
Sizmek optimizes promotion strategy for the Gary Group, making ads viewable 35% more often. Sizmek also decreases waste and ensures brand-safe ad placements for YouTube series.

Sizmek Dynamic Creative Simplifies Implementation of Global Tourism Campaign
April 15, 2015
This campaign was designed for a global audience with the ultimate goal of consolidating and strengthening Spain’s image as a top tourist destination. However, TourSpain’s campaign material only consisted of four 20-second spots. A strong and robust tool as needed in order to meet the objectives.

Multichannel Sweepstakes generates 9,000 entries for BMO Harris Bank
March 31, 2015
Persuading a consumer to switch banks or open a new account means building a relationship over time. BMO Harris wanted to design a campaign that would raise brand awareness and boost consideration of the brand by engaging consumers in ways that are memorable and entertaining

Online Family Fashion Retailer Achieves 15:1 Return – Mobile Drives 33% of Sales
January 27, 2015
A leading U.S. family fashion retailer wanted to build brand awareness, find new customers, and maximize sales during the holiday season.

Warehouse Targets 9 Million Fashionable Consumers with Stunning Social Campaign
October 27, 2014
Warehouse and their media agency, Chalk Social, wanted a way to bring the new looks to as many target consumers as possible. Working with Sizmek, the team ran a highly successful social rich media and display campaign that hit the mark with fashion-savvy women.

Sizmek Vantage Helps Turn Data Into Sales During Holiday Retail Campaign
October 21, 2014
Rosetta partnered with Sizmek Vantage to deliver specific retargeting messages to the client’s site visitors and e-mail recipients across a multitude of online properties.

PokerStars’ Innovative Campaign Pairs Real-Time, Dynamic Rich Media With Programmatic Efficiency
October 21, 2014
PokerStars is the world’s largest poker site, and its European Poker Tour (EPT) is the world’s richest and most popular tour of its kind. Since 2004, the EPT has paid out more than €617 million (approximately $773 million USD) in tournament prize pools and hosted successful festivals across Europe.

Masterfoods: Understanding the Total Consumer Experience
September 11, 2014
Masterfoods wanted to play on the idea that everyone has an opinion on their favorite/least favorite flavor, so with the help of MediaCom & Sizmek developed an in-ad voting system campaign across multiple screens to find out the winning and losing flavors.

Hyundai: Display and Search Advertising Integration
September 11, 2014
One of the challenges Reprise Media faced was to break through the clutter of general news sites, and the heavy automotive advertising on more targeted car sites. The solution – video enhanced Rich Media.

Sizmek Verification Suite Saves CPG Giant  $2.2 Million in Wasted Impressions
September 08, 2014
One of Sizmek’s largest CPG clients with a global presence in over 25 markets wanted to verify the quality of their in-stream video campaigns in the United States. Sizmek Verification Suite enabled them to monitor a range of attributes that affect campaign performance

From TV to Online Display, this Campaign Successfully Tailored the Message to the Study
September 08, 2014
Barclaycard launched an epic TV ad to signal a step change for the brand. The TV ad features a wild waterslide ride that takes an office worker from work to home through the city. Barclaycard wanted to challenge the conventions of financial advertising in order to drive brand reappraisal and nudge consideration.

Cross-channel Outdoor Campaign Creates Fresh Perception of Yellow Pages
September 08, 2014
Yellow Pages wanted to update its paper-heavy image by reintroducing itself to a new generation of users and highlighting that the Yellow Pages directory can now be found on a wide range of mobile devices.

Dell Promotes its Brand, Increases Site Visits and Conversions with Rich Media and In-Stream
September 08, 2014
Launched across TV, newspapers, magazines, billboards, airports and online, the campaign was a major multi-channel initiative. 

Mindshare Helps Dove Men+Care Capture 0.84% CTR and Rapt Attention During Six Nations
June 25, 2014
Mindshare, with the help of Sizmek, developed just a solution for Dove Men+Care, creating a dynamic campaign that stayed in perfect sync with the action on the field at the tournament and its passionate fans.

Sizmek Dynamic Creative Takes Retargeting ROI to New Altitude for Indonesia AirAsia
June 25, 2014
This advertiser was looking to go beyond standard retargeting to create a more personalized ad experience. In addition to looking for a way to create multiple ad versions on a short time frame, they wanted higher ROI. 

With Re-Targeting, Display Is Now Profitable
April 09, 2014
ZUJI's vision was to create a personalized display campaign that would serve up the latest and best ZUJI deals relevant to each consumer’s travel intent - anywhere they browsed on the web. ZUJI engaged Cadreon and Sizmek to develop a data-driven digital remarketing campaign that would achieve its goals.

Applications Soar at Edith Cowan University Thanks to the Retargeting Power of Dynamic Creative
April 09, 2014
Longtail, the University’s digital agency, came up with an inventive two-part strategy that combined Facebook Connect to grab attention and site visits working in conjunction with the one-on-one retargeting power of Sizmek Dynamic Creative.

At Vladimir Jones, Analytics is About Understanding Consumers, Not Just Performance
April 08, 2014
Vladimi Jones Media planner Chris Baszto has been using the Sizmek platform since 2007 and sees its value at the agency as two-fold. First, it vastly reduces the complexity of managing and trafficking buys – streamlining production through a single system and cutting down on back and forth QA. 

Sizmek Broadcast-to-Online Capabilities Debottleneck a Global Automaker’s VAST Pipeline
April 08, 2014
A large digital agency providing media services for both DMA and nationwide digital advertising programs for thousands of dealerships for a major automaker came to Sizmek to help scale their video business.

Samsung Reaches Tech Enthusiasts Using Sizmek Mobile
April 07, 2014
Running up to the all-important Christmas buying season in 2011, electronics giant Samsung wanted to build awareness around its new super-sleek, web-connected Smart TV. With its target audience in the UK being young (25-34) and techforward, mobile was clearly the way to go. Samsung engaged Starcom Mediavest Group and Sizmek to generate a powerful mobile campaign and drive pre-holiday buzz.

Nissan Multi-Screen Campaign Converts Smartphone Into a Game Controller
April 07, 2014
Always at the edge of creative innovation in advertising, Nissan was looking for a campaign to demonstrate the technical innovations of its newest Qashqai 360 SUV. It wanted to give drivers a feel for the car’s handling by creating a virtual test drive. But the company didn’t stop there. Using Sizmek technology, the company combined driving simulation with interactive gaming in a sophisticated multiscreen campaign that converted a user’s smartphone into a remote PC game controller. 

Sizmek’s Dynamic Creative Boosts Groupon Hong Kong Revenue by 30% While Slashing Production Time and Cost
April 07, 2014
Groupon entered the Hong Kong market in early 2011 as one of Asia’s first online group buying portals. The wildly popular couponing solution allows consumers to enjoy heavily discounted premium products and services while enabling merchants and vendors to reach new consumers and sell huge volumes of products through Groupon’s unique group buying model.

Golf Break Campaign Drives Conversions and Efficiency Using Dynamic Creative
April 07, 2014
One of Europe’s largest golf-focused travel companies was looking for an advertising strategy to drive more qualified traffic to its website and improve online ROI. The company engaged Sizmek’s Dynamic Creative to reach their goals and get their online performance back on the green

Citibank Boosts Conversions by 40%+ and Cuts Production Time in Half With Dynamic Creative
April 07, 2014
For financial services providers and retail banks with constantly fluctuating offers, rates and promotions, Dynamic Creative can be a lifesaver. It can be used to make frequent creative refreshes and tailor key messages to the audience at hand. It also makes optimization simple for financial companies looking to find the ideal match between message and audience. For Citibank, Dynamic Creative helped cut production ti

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