Culture and Values

At Sizmek, we aim to promote community by creating initiatives that encourage us to express ourselves, embody our values, and engage those around us. Our values — be curious, be courageous, be supportive, be flexible, be inspiring, and get it done — guide our everyday efforts and empower us to succeed both individually and as a team. We are focused on a variety of key areas throughout our organization to drive our culture and enrich our employee experience:

Corporate Responsibility

Giving back to our
communities, on both
a local and global scale

Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring diversity and
inclusion is embedded
into all our efforts

Employee Engagement

Inspiring passion
about our company
mission and goals

Learning and Development

Sharing knowledge
and enriching
each other’s lives


Rewarding the
inspiring efforts
of our employees

Social Activities

Offering fun activities
both inside and
outside the office


Valuing the health
and wellbeing of
our employees

Work/Life Balance

Promoting a healthy
balance, with a focus
on flexibility

Benefits and Perks

At Sizmek, we offer benefits packages that are in accordance with local government regulations, and we are committed to offering a variety of competitive perks to our employees throughout our various locations. Check out some of the global benefits/perks we offer below:

Flexible Time-Off


Flexible Spending

Academy of

Employee Referral