July 12, 2018

Worried About Ad Fraud or Ad Performance? Watch This Video


Want to feel empowered to face down ad fraud and threats to brand safety? Check out this recording of the first in our new webinar series, Inspiring Impressions: How to Unlock the Value of Your Media and Data.

In addition to getting an in-depth look at how and why ad fraud became so profitable (did you know it’s not technically illegal? And that bots can now cart items to mimic actual shoppers?), you’ll learn how a contextual strategy can help you protect yourself while delivering relevant, inspiring, and high-performing creative.

Protection and Performance—How LG Is Getting It Right

The webinar discussion includes great insights from Marco Frade, General Manager and Head of Digital & Media at LG Electronics Brasil. LG has designed a strategy built on contextual targeting, pre-bid verification, and post-buy optimization to protect its digital marketing investments and execute effective campaigns. In the Q&A session, Frade offers a look at the challenges his team faced and offers tips for other digital marketers.

Your Weapons for Success

There’s no denying that online fraud saps advertising ROI. Falsified impressions and clicks cost money without yielding any benefit.  But with a combination of pre-bid verification, post-bid analysis, and savvy targeting, you can outmaneuver the most common threats. Watch How to Unlock the Value of Your Media and Data to find out how you can:  

  • Exclude harmful targets
  • Leverage industry profiles
  • Anti-target fraud
  • Focus on semantics

From misaligned brand messaging to fake domains, the threats to online advertisers are real and costly—but with the right contextual strategy, you can keep your brand safe, protect your investment, and most importantly, leverage context and content that resonates. Don’t miss the next Inspired Impressions webinar coming this fall—sign up for an email reminder.