July 9, 2018

Why Full-service Creative Makes Sense in a Multichannel World

Mike McNulty

Product Marketing Manager

Innovative and inspiring creative takes time and people-power, things that are scarce when you need a fantastic ad fast or don’t have a lot of creative resources. It can take months to nail down your strategy, target audience, and concept, and then more time to produce final custom creative. In a multichannel world, you may be dealing with multiple design and production vendors along the way, especially if you are executing across diverse formats, like video, mobile, and display. This distribution of duties adds a level of coordination and oversight to the process—i.e., more time and people-power.

So, if you don’t have a massive and multitalented creative team in-house and don’t want to manage an army of vendors, what do you do to get really good creative on a real-world timeline?

Full-service creative services—what to look for

  • Agility: Your partner should be willing to step in at any stage of the creative process or handle everything turnkey, according to your needs. Good project managers should be able to support you from strategy to design and development to ensure a cohesive and successful campaign launch.
  • Innovation: Good creative teams are a way to access state-of-the-art ideas, technology, and strategies. They should be adept with the latest creative tools, features, and formats; on top of creative trends; and skilled across mobile, in-app, video, and display. If they balk at multidimensional DCO or complex campaign executions, look elsewhere.
  • Business sense: Cool creative has little value if it doesn’t achieve your goals. Your creative team should be just as focused on and knowledgeable about audience engagement and your KPIs as it is on creative imagery, animation, and technology.
  • Simplicity: A key benefit of working with a single vendor is that you don’t have to manage all the moving parts of your campaign. You should have one point-of-contact or producer who manages all the project contributors, keeps you in the loop, and maintains efficient progress toward your deadline.

The Sizmek team is here to provide creative guidance on any project at any time—including full-service creative design and development services that are among the best in the industry. Contact a Sizmek representative to learn more.