Every day, certain online images, articles, and videos manage to capture audience imagination in a way that ignites a wildfire of sharing across social media. For an advertiser, riding along with that kind of viral content can be like hitting the performance jackpot—driving exponential increases in reach and intense engagement that would otherwise cost a fortune. (Read more about the marketing power of viral content in our new research guide.) Until now, marketing on the backs of social-viral content was a matter of luck. But now it’s a matter of math and technological innovation.

New AI-driven technology from Peer39 by Sizmek is giving advertisers the ability to target content that is predicted to go social-viral using a sophisticated algorithm that ensures that your ads appear adjacent to this popular content. Just as you can buy Peer39 contextual categories relevant to your product, your brand, or seasonal events and interests, you can now purchase inventory adjacent to content with high potential to go viral.

Peer39’s Predicted Viral category weighs viewership and engagement on social networks to create a prediction about that content’s future status. The category pinpoints URLs that are predicted to go viral based on social media activity results, which divide exchange-based traffic into six levels of social popularity and engagement.

Predicting the popularity of social media content begins shortly after publication, as peak reach typically occurs in about 8 to 12 hours. By looking at the time elapsed from publication and the popularity of the origination site, Peer39’s predictive viral algorithm can forecast which content is about to really take off.

To learn more about this new technology, download our Predicting Viral Content: How to Use “Going Viral” in Your Marketing, or reach out to a Peer39 representative to learn more about the advantages of targeting by context.