Let’s face it, in the world of programmatic there are good trades and there are some not so good trades. And the one kind of trade that media professionals like least is the all too familiar trade-off between getting the AI-enabled performance clients expect in exchange for giving up transparency into true campaign pricing. Opaque or “black box” pricing not only creates mistrust between agencies, advertisers and adtech solution providers, these practices also diminish confidence in how media actually impacts marketing. For Sizmek clients that kind of trading ends today.

We’ve named 2018 the year of Total Transparency.

Sizmek is now offering total transparency across our self-service and managed services businesses. A decision designed to empower and differentiate our clients with increased visibility and control.  

  • If you prefer “DIY” self-service access to our platform, we offer the same reliable rates you’ve come to expect from Sizmek, no hidden costs and never any surprises.
  • If you prefer more “valet” managed-service solutions you can decide on the level of additional resources you need to run your campaign ranging from traders, analysts, custom development, AI specialists, and platform training–all with a fully transparent rate card.

No matter how you buy your media, if you want outstanding AI-powered performance without having to compromise visibility into campaign pricing and insights, Sizmek has a visibly better solution for you and your clients.  

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