July 3, 2017

Optimization Hacks for Video and Dynamic Creative


Dynamic creative and interactive video—these two extraordinary engagement tools are proven to create impressions that inspire, and we’re adding more ways to help you do that. Now you can add Nielsen OBE surveys, overlay interactive elements on your DCO video campaigns, and do it all super streamlined—we’ve got the ultimate in optimization hacks for you.

Optimize Your Metrics—Add a Nielsen OBE Survey to Your HTML5 VPAID Ad Formats

You can now measure and optimize your brand metrics with the Nielsen’s OBE (Online Brand Effect) In-Player survey.  What was previously only available for Flash VPAID, you can now make happen for all your HTML5 VPAID executions in MDX 2.0.  And it’s easy—here’s how:

  1. Select the In-Stream Video-Survey VAST template ad format
  2. Load an HTML5 Workspace
  3. Insert a dedicated survey URL
  4. Use the format. You’re there!


Engage at Scale With Personalized, Optimized In-Stream VPAID Dynamic Creative

Sizmek Dynamic Creative now works with your VAST and HTML5 VPAID campaigns to deliver the most engaging—and the coolest—video ads to your audiences, with personalized, targeted brand messaging across all screens.

Overlay video with interactive elements that can change to suit the user’s persona, which will enrich the brand impact of your video creative. The workflow is based on the in-stream interactive template in Sizmek Ad Builder and allows you to make images, HTML, and text dynamic.

VPAID video provides you with the ability to build engaging, interactive, and tailored messaging with creative components to optimize engagement. Dynamic Creative layered on top provides fresh, timely, and relevant ads for video campaigns of any size. What’s more, you can manipulate primary videos with real-time ad campaign generation. This new capability is a win-win-win for creating impressions that inspire and engage.

Go Dynamic With Primary Video in VPAID HTML5 Workspaces

The Sizmek Creative Team developed AdKit code for Workspace so you can manipulate primary videos with real-time ad campaign generation.

Streamline Your Dynamic Creative by 10X or More—One Version, Multiple Target Audiences

Instead of having to duplicate a creative version for each target audience, you can now apply multiple target audiences to a single version. By eliminating repetitive data entry, it also decreases the room for error—and dramatically reduces the number of versions required for your creative targeting strategy. For existing campaigns, this feature has reduced the amount of versions by as much as 10 times or more; for example, one campaign went from 15,000 versions to only 350.


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