April 5, 2017

VAST-ly Satisfying News for Video Creatives


Great engagement, enhanced verification and viewability (V&V) measurement, cross-screen delivery, and streamlined delivery—VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) ads provide advertisers with incredible ways to connect with their audiences. But being able to do other things with your VAST ads is also important. The Sizmek video team has made it super simple for you to transform your VAST ads into V&V compatible HTML5 VPAID units or customize your VAST ads with Dynamic Creative.

Easily Transform Your VAST Ads Into HTML5 VPAID—and Run Video V&V

As Flash video begins winding down and HTML5 video on the rise, you need an easy, hassle-free way to upgrade your existing non-interactive VAST videos into HTML5 VPAID (instead of Flash VPAID)—and now you have it. What’s more, you’ll be able to run either Sizmek’s or one of our third-party partners’ HTML5-based video V&V solutions with a few easy steps—without you having to write a line of code to do so.

You simply create the ad, select “In-Stream Video” as the VAST format, and “HTML5 In-Stream Enhanced Video” as the VAST format, upload a blank HTML5 VPAID workspace asset in the Linear section, and then add your video asset to the additional assets as you would any regular VPAID ad. you’ve got an HTML VPAID video ad!

Follow these few, easy peasy, lemon squeezy, simple steps, and your in-stream ads are ready to be activated for your video V&V vendor.


Personalize and Engage at Scale With Sizmek Dynamic VAST Video

You may already know how Sizmek Dynamic Creative provides world-class personalized targeted advertising guaranteed to engage on any scale. Now all the tools of Sizmek Dynamic Creative, from geotargeting to retargeting and other advanced creative personalization, are available on Sizmek’s Dynamic VAST solution. Your video ads will never be the same with custom messaging optimized by region, price point, color, and more.

Here’s how you do it: All you need to do is supply your high-quality video assets, your requirements around how you want to apply dynamic elements on the video template, and how you want to apply targeting. The Sizmek team can work to make your dynamic video vision a reality, from video rendering to encoding, trafficking, review, approval, and launch.

Open door policy: We made Sizmek Dynamic VAST to be as open as possible, so if you want to leverage your own dynamic video partners to render the dynamic video element, you can still have your dynamic VAST campaigns set up and served through Sizmek.

For Sizmek Dynamic VAST Beta: We are limiting support to managed service campaigns with < 10K version, and single-encoding .mp4s per version–all on MDX-NXT. However, as we work to further enhance our Dynamic VAST offering during the Beta period, we expect to support additional powerful features such as a more streamlined video workflow through auto-transcoding multiple encodings per version, and support for more than 10,000 versions in subsequent releases.

Sizmek: Now Certified for HTML5 Video With DoubleVerify Video V&V

As an open ad management platform, Sizmek always supports customer choice, particularly in your decision to work with the video V&V provider of your choice. Sizmek is happy to announce that we have completed certification of DoubleVerify’s integration with both the Flash and HTML5 video executions of the V&V framework. When you leverage DoubleVerify, simply copy and paste your DoubleVerify code into your trafficked ad. No more emailing tags or manually coordinating the tag wrapping. You can do it all directly from the Sizmek MDX platform.

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