May 1, 2017

United Heritage Banks 1,000% More Engagement Using Sizmek Programmatic Targeting


A great offer can beat a big brand name, especially when you get the right deal in front of the right person at the moment of decision. United Heritage Credit Union reaped big rewards when consumer interest soared from this strategy, thanks to Sizmek programmatic targeting.

Building a brand in the financial industry takes time and money. And in the meantime, there are customers out there looking for great loan offers. That’s led United Heritage Credit Union to reorient its budget from brand-building to performance—focusing on consumers actively shopping for loans.

By employing category and contextual targeting; run of platform; audience and behavioral targeting; retargeting; mobile in-app and geo fencing; and social tactics, United Heritage was able to reach high-intent consumers at the moment they were considering competitive offers. This smart approach lifted the credit union’s engagement rate by 1000% and increased loan application intent by 75%. “With Sizmek’s help, United Heritage Credit Union is able to better allocate funds and more effectively reach our target audience at key moments when they’re making financial decisions,” said Kevin Farley, AVP of Digital and Brand Experience.

Read the full case study, and find out how Sizmek can help you reach your goals too.