February 13, 2017

Cool Creative From Sony PlayStation, Stoli, and Sergent Major


Break through ad clutter—that’s an advertiser’s mission. Check out how Sony PlayStation, Stoli, and Sergent Major did it with high-impact rich media, DCO, and video encased in a branded canvas. These cool creative ads caught the eyes of the Sizmek team and more importantly—the eyes of these brands’ audiences.

Updated February 13, 2017

Rich Media Has Users Jumping in to Save the Boy for “The Last Guardian” Trailer

Creative and Media Agency: Biborg Interactive

Media Agency: Sony PlayStation FR

Market: France

Vertical: Videogames

Immediately immersive and dramatic, this high-impact execution for Sony PlayStation’s The Last Guardian showcases a rich media experience that is built out from Sizmek’s HTML5 Single Expandable Workspace.

First, the viewer is urged to “Save the Boy,” so they are invited to immediately take part in the game. Once the panel expands, a video is launched into a cliff-hanging moment where the boy jumps from a broken bridge. Oh no! The layering effect of the characters over the video adds a sense of depth to the ad. The artfully executed unit also allows users to view a trailer and buy the game, carrying out a complete user experience. See the jump and the ad in action here.


Stoli Serves Up Ads for Every Taste With Sizmek DCO

Creative Agency: The Martin Agency

Media Agency: Horizon Interactive NY

Market: USA

Vertical: Liquor

How do you talk to techies, foodies, and travel geeks about vodka and still get stellar results?  This clever Stoli campaign tests out different stories using dynamic creative to find out how to get these different audiences to respond—and then uses auto-optimization to make sure that the best-performing text ad always got served. No bartender required.  See how Stoli mixed it up here



Fun, Fanciful Video Engages Children’s Clothing Retailer Customers

Creative and Media Agency: Mass Motion Media FR

Market: France

Vertical: Children’s apparel

URL: http://showcase.sizmek.com/demo/sergent-major-branded-canvas

Wake up, sleepyhead! Time to get ready for a fun day at school! Sergent Major, a French children’s apparel retailer, decided to use interactive video to show a happy morning getting ready for school to engage its audience. This video features a pair of adorable kids getting ready in the morning to face the day ahead, set to bouncy, cheerful music.

The video is encased within a colorful branded canvas, complete with Sergent Major’s playful style. They cleverly show a number of the products in the video—but then feature them within a rotating product carousel as well. A large call to action (“Buy” or “Acheter”) deep-links the user to the appropriate page in the retailer’s site for whichever product the user has featured on the product carousel.


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Updated January 8, 2017

Check out how Nissan, Sears, and Volkswagen did it with video storybooks, flip formats, and dynamic creative sitebar geotargeting. These cool creative ads caught the eyes of the Sizmek team and more importantly—the eyes of these brands’ audiences.

Nissan Juke: An Enchanting Video Storybook From Beginning, Middle, and End

Creative Agency: Nissan Creative Duke FR

Media Agency: OMD FR

Market: France

Vertical: Automotive

Let me tell you a story about an amazing Nissan Juke. . . . That’s how this beautifully constructed interactive video ad begins, as a book opens up and showcases the video. Bookmarks on the side encourage users to explore other parts of the Nissan Juke storyline, from all the best automotive features of the Juke to a full-on 360-degree view, re-imagining how common features found in an automotive ad can be presented in a completely unique, completely engrossing way.

Technically, this ad is a branded canvas format, but the surrounding canvas is so seamlessly rendered and creatively presented that it essentially melts right into the overall delightful experience.


Sears Flipped Out With These Eye-Catching Beauty Ads

Creative Agency: Sizmek

Media Agency: GFR (Publisher)

Market: United States

Vertical: Retail

Banners go BIG in Sears’s unique flip ad that brought the wow factor while promoting its Latitudes of Beauty and Fashion event. The ad starts off as a regular 300 x 600 advertising banner that then expands.

Upon expansion, the panel doesn’t immediately expand fully, but rather surprises the viewer a little by snapping into place, partition by partition, with a bit of fun in its timing, like a folding toy.

Each partition features top fashion and luxury brands across a series of beauty products and fashion categories—Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Lancome, Clinique, and Estee Lauder. Kind of like each partition is offering up a present for the viewer, unfolding a special gift of wonderfulness to enjoy!

CreativeNews010917-2.pngBefore expansion

CreativeNews010917-3.pngAfter expansion

DCO Geotargeting Showed Users Where to Find Their Volkswagen

Creative and Media Agency: MediaCom Interaction DE

Market: EMEA, Germany

Vertical: Automotive

Sometimes it’s all about where your users are when you’re trying to reach them—and Volkswagen knows that. This engaging responsive sitebar format used dynamic creative personalization to geotarget Volkswagen’s audience with messaging and clickthrough destinations to the user’s closest location—out of more than 200 possible Volkswagen dealerships in Germany. When a user clicked through to their local dealer’s website, Sizmek dynamically passed through details about that impression’s media and creative properties which would enhance site analytics insights even further.

Creative versions were built and updated automatically via a data feed. When combined with the efficiency of using a single responsive ad for all placements, this solution could easily scale across thousands more dealers without additional effort.


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Updated November 21, 2016

Check out how Carte Noire, PG Tips, and Qantas caught the eyes of the Sizmek team and more importantly—these advertisers’ target audiences. 

Carte Noir Can’t Stop the Kisses—Watch Couples Take the CineKiss Challenge

Creative/Media Agency: MassMotionMedia FR

Market: France

Vertical: Consumer Products

No such thing as coffee breath when the coffee is this good! Carte Noir asked couples to take the “Cinekiss Challenge” and then showcased the winning results in this branded canvas with ad selector videos. The different episodes of the video can be accessed through bright, inviting neon-hued pastel buttons in the bottom, each associated with a different Carte Noir flavor.

Sweet, charming, and short, these video ads draw viewers into the different vignettes of couples, friends, and strangers who were ready to take the CineKiss challenge.



PG Tips’s Cheeky Monkey Got Personal With Dynamic Creative

Creative Agency: Hey Human

Media Agency: Mindshare

Market: United Kingdom

Vertical: Consumer Products

PG Tips’s beloved mascot was put to full effect in this saucy dynamic creative campaign, targeting different users depending on whether they were reading about parenting, food, or dieting/fitness.



Qantas Tempts Users to Visit Sydney—Then Gives Them Even More in a Microsite

Creative Agency: Drag N’ Drops

Media Agency: Affluent Media Group

Market: Australia

Vertical: Travel and tourism

Each enticing section of this responsive ad unit tempts users to discover more about Sydney and why they should visit—then as a bonus, they are driven to a microsite where they can actually find out more about the dream vacation that awaits.  



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Updated October 10, 2016

Check out these three from CGD, Vicks, and Redd’s Apple Ale that caught the eyes of the Sizmek team—you’ll experience the power of interactive video, dynamic creative with Twitter, and rich media in action.

Where’s the Smartwatch? Find Out in This Irresistible Interactive Video  

Creative Agency: Comon Intelligence PT

Media Agency: Comon Intelligence PT

Market: Portugal

Vertical: Financial

Advertiser: CGD

Built in HTML5 VPAID, this quirky interactive video features our main character imploring the viewer to choose one of two boxes, where she has hidden a smartwatch. She proceeds to play a shell game with the viewer (i.e., where’s the smartwatch hidden?) by asking the user to choose a box (Nesta? ? “This,” Ou Nesta? ? “Or this?). How can the viewer resist as she enthusiastically waits for the choice to be made?


If the viewer fails to choose a box, she becomes agitated and flustered.


Once a box is chosen, the viewer is taken to a follow-up movie within CDG’s actual website. The actress greets the viewer upon arrival on the landing page, and seamlessly continues the storyline of the ad.


Play the game and follow the interactive video story here.

Vicks’s DCO Twitter Campaign Nothing to Sneeze At

Agency: Starcom

Advertiser: P&G Vicks

Market: LATAM—Argentina

Vertical: CPG

Vicks’s fun, timely DCO campaign used Twitter to showcase user reactions on how Vicks helped them during their cold and flu episodes. The dynamic copy was automatically optimized for engagement and sourced from Twitter via the #TeVick hashtag, resulting in an overall supportive and comforting feel across the board. Get your own feel-good moments from real-life Vicks users here.


Redd’s Apple Ale Cracks Through the Clutter

Agency: Universal McCann PR

Advertiser: Miller-Coors

Market: United States

Vertical: Liquor

Oh no, is your screen cracked? Redd’s Apple Ale took a unique approach at getting user attention when it used a mobile unit that gave a quick, attention-grabbing graphic that looked like a broken phone screen . . . and then let it resolve away. Users were left with a feeling of relief that nothing bad had happened to their phone—just an inviting beverage waiting for them. Get a taste of satisfaction for yourself here.


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Updated August 30, 2016

Check out these ads from Fiat, Turespaña, and Quaker Oats that caught the eyes of the Sizmek team—you’ll experience the power of dynamic creative, 360° view interactive video, and a HTML5 expandable format in action.

Energy, Status, or Feature Conscious—Fiat’s Dynamic Creative Delivered

Creative Agency: HUGE

Media Agency: Universal McCann

Vertical: Auto

Market: North America


Sport, all wheel, or lifestyle—Fiat’s target audiences have a variety of interests, and this engaging dynamic creative rich media showcased various gallery images, features, and offers to appeal to them, with each vehicle showcased in a polite, rich media unit. The offers that were shown were controlled by the user’s location. The gallery images and features were dynamically controlled by the model of the car, which was controlled by publisher-based targeting.

Experience all the ways Fiat appealed to its audiences here.

Escape to Spain via This Immersive 360° Video

Creative Agency: MEC GLOBAL ES

Media Agency: MEC GLOBAL ES

Vertical: Travel and Tourism

Market: Spain

First Video:


Click-through to 360° Video


The plazas, the night life, the nature—this HTML5 VPAID video invites users to “LIVE A 360° EXPERIENCE” and then captures it all using the 360° video feature that allows users to look up, look down, look all around to experience every enticing place in Spain fully.

Take a mini-escape to Spain yourself here.

Quaker Oats’s Ingredients for Success—Mix and Match Recipes and Contest

Creative Agency: Isobar MY

Media Agency: GroupM MY

Vertical: Consumer Products

Market: Malaysia


Like the recipes that it creates in-ad, this rich media ad is a great example of taking a simple set of elements and giving users a reason to explore and spend time with it. By offering a pair of ingredient lists to choose from and mix together, the ad offers many different options and food choices for consumers to check out. If Fish and Oats isn’t what you want for dinner, you can always try a different set because maybe Spicy Oat-Crusted Prawns is more your style. The combinations are nearly endless.

Eat up this cool creative from Quaker Oats here.

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Updated August 1, 2016

Check out these three from VW, Mini, and Brand USA that caught the eyes of the Sizmek team—you’ll experience the power of a 360 view, interactive video, and dynamic creative in action.

Take an Unforgettable “Ride” in the Volkswagen Tiguan: The 360 View

Creative Agency: K2 PL

Media Agency: Mediacom PL

Vertical: Auto

Market: Poland


This HTML5 Responsive Rich Banner takes users up and in and all around a VW Tiguan, using a 360 image viewer that puts you in the driver’s seat without leaving your screen. Just slide the banner over, and get ready for a swooping experience that puts you front and center. Once there, four different starting points give you a chance to examine the car, and informational hotspots provide you with in-depth info.

Experience the adrenaline rush of the 360 View on the Sizmek Showcase or publisher’s site.

Unlock Nifty Features of Mini’s Shoreditch: HTML5 VPAID Interactive Video

Creative Agency: Biborg Interactive FR

Media Agency: Iprospect FR

Vertical: Auto

Market: France


Hotspots galore! MINI used rich and layered interactive HMTL5 VPAID video to showcase the Shoreditch name via graffiti and providing hotspots on the car itself that let users slip inside and get behind the wheel with the click of a mouse.

Take the HTML5 VPAID ad for a spin or check out another way MINI highlighted unique features of the Shoreditch using rich media.

Roam Where You Want With Brand USA: Dynamic Creative

Creative Agency: mcgarrybowen

Media Agency: MediaCom

Vertical: Travel/Tourism

Market: United States


Brand USA put the power of personalization to good use when it used custom ads to entice users to diverse destinations across the United States. Whether it was kite-surfing in Key West or cobbled streets in Boston, these ads knew how to engage with the best destinations for individual users.

Saunter on over to Sizmek Showcase to see how this dynamic creative scratches your travel itch.

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