Peer39 by Sizmek recently introduced its groundbreaking new Predicted Viral content category, giving advertisers the ability to target content that is most likely to go viral. For the first time, brands can purchase ad inventory directly adjacent to content with a high potential to go viral based on Peer39 algorithms.

Advertising next to social-viral content has obvious benefits, including amplified reach, implied credibility, high audience receptivity, and more. But it also has risks, because not all viral content generates positive emotions. And viral topics or images that are perfectly brand safe for one brand might be off limits for another.

Once again, Peer39 brand safety targeting lets you get the best of all worlds. It enables marketers to take advantage of Predicted Viral placements while avoiding content that doesn’t align with your brand. You can anti-target topics like guns, terrorism,  or drugs—and even create custom categories to avoid viral topics that are specifically sensitive to your brand, industry, or audience.

To learn more, download our research paper—Predicting Viral Content: How to Use “Going Viral” in Your Marketing. Then reach out to a Peer39 by Sizmek representative to take full advantage of the new Predicted Viral category while keeping your brand safe.

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