You asked, and we listened: Sizmek has released its new DSP, which was created closely with our agency partners to solve your biggest campaign challenges and build upon the strengths that made it a top-five preferred DSP by advertisers in 2018. With the new Sizmek DSP, you’ll experience an extraordinary step forward that’s faster, more intuitive, and addictively easy to use. You gain more efficiency (and cut out the tedious tasks), total transparency into your performance, AI that is always optimizing toward your goals (while handing you the control), and much more.

But what about the Sizmek DSP’s AI—how do you know what it’s actually doing? In the new DSP, you don’t have to worry that the AI takes control or hides its activity from traders. The new Sizmek DSP ensures that buyers retain full control over campaign execution and when to use AI (for instance, whether to AI-optimize or manually allocate daily tactic budgets). The new Sizmek DSP is designed so that data is for discovery, providing transparency into key learnings with data visualization reports that show how attributes contributed to campaign success over time. You have control and visibility into everything vital to making your campaigns a success.

Users who have taken the new Sizmek DSP for a test drive are impressed. Sizmek’s new DSP is the best I’ve seen—and I’ve seen most,” said Reeve Benaron, CEO and Executive Chairman of AudienceX. “It ensures my teams have a better viewpoint and understanding of all our omnichannel campaigns. Ultimately we can better optimize our efforts to meet the needs and expectations of performance advertisers.”  Axel Jonuschies, Managing Partner, Global Trading, Programmatic, GroupM, also had good things to say: “The new UI gives us greater efficiencies, and reduces the frustration of a slow front-end.” The new Sizmek DSP is an extraordinary step forward: Buyers experience improved usability and perspective with fewer clicks and reduced time-to-value, saving countless hours of tedious work and better optimizing their time—and campaigns..

The new Sizmek DSP was constructed according to what advertises and agencies need. “We heard our clients’ feedback, and worked hand-in-hand with them to design the new DSP. Agencies want more control and efficiency, and demand the offerings from technology partners that strengthen their overall value proposition,” said Mark Grether, CEO of Sizmek. “More than that, we often hear the misconception in our industry that AI can replace people. Our DSP and products are all about enabling our clients to make smarter decisions, and differentiating themselves in the market.”  

Specific benefits of the new Sizmek DSP include:

Engineered for efficiency, everyday: The evolved user experience in the new DSP’s campaign builder helps you transcend the tedium of today, freeing your focus to transform your business for tomorrow. No more time-consuming searches and extra clicks, everything streamlined right in front of you.

Control and choice at the core: Harness the power of AI for a super-human boost in performance, but we make sure to hand you the reins.

Total transparency: Make better decisions (and solve problems faster) with total transparency into media performance, delivery, costs, and impact with an all new campaign management dashboard, where you can view all line items and tactics in your campaign.

Data, designed for discovery: Sizmek collects and connects an unprecedented data set, and our new platform is designed to uncover crucial signals in the noise so you can discover more about your campaigns and consumers.

AI: Amplify impact: Get to the future faster with predictive intelligence that anticipates consumer desire and is always optimizing towards your goals.

Sizmek CEO Mark Grether sums up what motivated the creation of the new Sizmek DSP: “Sizmek’s success is rooted in how we bring data, creative and media together—all powered by AI. The Sizmek DSP incorporates all of those offerings into one platform.”

Find out how the new Sizmek DSP will change the game for your campaigns by contacting your rep or a Sizmek pro.