June 7, 2016

Sizmek Verification Gets Even Better With MRC-Accredited Video Viewability.

John Douglas

Director, Product Strategy

Sizmek has always been a proponent of viewability as a metric for maintaining accountability in our industry – and it’s a important component of the Sizmek Verification solution.

Advertisers need to know they’re getting  what they pay for from their online ads, and measuring viewability is a vital way to demonstrate that ads have the opportunity to be seen by their audience. That’s one reason Sizmek was among the first to gain MRC accreditation for desktop display impression measurement. Now, the MRC has accredited our  desktop digital video viewability measurement, too.

As with display, this accreditation confirms that video impressions served through the MDX platform meet the requirements set forth by the MRC. Broadly speaking, a video ad is considered viewable by the MRC if 50% of the ad’s pixels on an in-focus browser tab in the viewable space of the browser page play for at least two continuous seconds.

Thanks to Sizmek’s accreditation, our clients can feel even more confident that their video ad impressions are served and counted accurately. In fact, Sizmek clients can go a step further. With Sizmek Verification, you can set custom viewability thresholds for both surface area and duration for display and video ads (although not MRC accredited at this time). 

Viewability measurement is part of Sizmek Verification, which helps users steer budget toward inventory that meets expectations, fight back against fraud. and protect brand safety. What’s more, with Peer39 Media Relevance, advertisers can optimize campaigns toward or away from specific content before bidding takes place; create personalized messages at the moment the ad is served;  and verify delivery post-buy.

Ask your Sizmek account representative for details about Sizmek Verification and video viewability measurement.