December 1, 2017

How the Sizmek DSP Empowers Your People-Based Direct Response Marketing


What if you could go beyond merely targeting across devices, and use cross-device data toward automatically optimizing for direct response performance? What if you could tie together the various user profiles from across a consumer’s devices to leverage double, triple, or even quadruple the data to understand which devices are driving conversions for that consumer—and find out why these conversions are happening?

That’s what Sizmek DSP’s people-based AI technology empowers you to do. It discovers patterns and correlations that help campaigns improve over time, while combining data into a unified profile that is addressable at all times, across more devices.

What Happens When You Go People-Centric With Your Marketing

Most DSPs only see consumers on one device at a time—usually as a completely different person on each one. This device-centric approach prevents them from effectively optimizing their campaigns across channels.

Imagine how much smarter your marketing would be if you took a people-centric approach and had access to the data from each of the devices a consumer used as they moved through the marketing funnel.

Being able to use data from all of a consumer’s devices changes the game completely. With a unified consumer profile, you have access to data generated in every channel rather than just one–up to 200% more data than a standard profile on average. Sizmek has seen that enabling people-based marketing can improve, on average, direct response performance by more than 30% across the entire campaign. This ability to attribute conversions and adapt in real time are important because the last place a consumer sees an ad is often not where they convert.

How does it work? By identifying the people behind the screens and linking their previously siloed profiles, Sizmek can control the frequency, accuracy, and relevance of messaging across devices and attribute conversions, no matter which device it happens on. Without unified profiles, a marketing platform sees three different people shopping for a car: one interested in a new vehicle (from smartphone data), one interested in a station wagon (desktop data), and one interested in a crossover SUV (tablet). Instead, the Sizmek DSP combines all this siloed data into a unified profile and sees a single consumer who is going through a typical auto research process, ultimately deciding on the crossover SUV category.

DSP reporting shows how the unified profile data is used to drive more conversions at a lower cost

Identifying and Optimizing Trends in Your Data With AI

But it’s not just about having more unified data—it’s what you do with it.

The Sizmek DSP’s AI—an advanced machine-learning system built atop an enormous big data infrastructure—considers all available data points in unified profiles when bidding, which results in incredibly acute decisions. When Sizmek has a complete view of your consumer, we apply even more consumer data to exact “moments” to be more accurate in predicting the likelihood of success for an ad served within it.

The key difference is that Sizmek DSP’s AI predicts the potential of a specific moment—the Sizmek DSP thinks about the channel, device, and objectives together, not in silos. It accesses the many attributes of the united consumer profile (age, gender, site history, etc.) as well as thousands of contextual features (the website a consumer is on, device, time of day) to predict which ads match best with each moment of influence across each of all of a consumer’s devices. The more data it has, the more moments the Sizmek DSP has to choose from, and the better it performs.

Plus, the specificity of the Sizmek DSP also helps you get more out of your budget. Present-day approaches to planning and executing digital marketing across channels and devices usually involve predetermined spend constraints. But at Sizmek, you can operate free of constraints so our sophisticated AI and big data architecture can identify influential moments and distribute marketing dollars across channels accordingly. Discerning the moment that will provide the best value, in real time, wherever it may be, lets you enjoy an enormous advantage.

Attribution and People-Based Marketing

Many marketers continue to rely on attribution methods that consider touchpoints and consumer activities on only one device ID at a time—despite evidence that an average online consumer is associated with six online identifiers and that consumers’ paths to conversion frequently happen across devices. As a result, the devices where conversions happen (usually desktops) will be over-credited, and touchpoints on other devices (frequently mobile) will be under-credited.

The more appropriate attribution scheme would consider a consumer’s multiple online IDs. This gives marketers a more accurate picture of which impressions on which devices are driving real conversions—a crucial insight.  To achieve people-based attribution, Sizmek taps into your consumers’ unified profiles to track touchpoints at the person level rather than device level. And with the path to conversion becoming increasingly more circuitous for most consumers, being able to see all the touchpoints before the conversion is crucial to deriving value from people-based marketing.

DSP reporting reveals how consumers use multiple devices along their path to conversion

The People-Based Marketing Lowdown

By linking devices with their owner, creating unified profiles, harnessing the data from each channel to optimize campaigns, and properly attributing conversions all within the Sizmek DSP, you can more effectively market in the moment to people, not devices, no matter where we find them in the digital marketing universe.

Find out how the Sizmek DSP can help your business—contact your account rep or a Sizmek pro here.