July 9, 2018

She Inspires: Meet the Women of Sizmek


At Sizmek, the success of our business depends on diversity—a mix of ideas, perspectives, and cultures that enables us to push beyond what is expected and create what is inspiring. Numerous studies show a strong correlation between diversity of management teams and overall innovation, not to mention financial performance. In fact, if countries raised labor force participation and average hours worked by women to parity with men, GDP could increase by 20%.

These are just a few reasons Sizmek strives to celebrate the talents of women around the world—women like Amanda, Jerry, and Cami, who are just a few of the hundreds of inspiring women who help Sizmek succeed every day.


Meet Amanda Bleich

Product Marketing Manager, Los Angeles

Amanda is a 15-year veteran in ad tech and media, and has spent this past year as Product Marketing Manager, helping Sizmek clients get the most from our tools and technology.  Outside of work, Amanda is passionate about women’s issues and is a devoted volunteer, advocate, and activist for human rights. She’s  a member of the Hollywood Chapter of NOW (the National Organization of Women), and in April of 2017, she was appointed by the former mayor of West Hollywood to the community’s Women’s Advisory Board.  Shortly thereafter, she became Hollywood NOW’s liaison to the National Council of Jewish Women/LA Advocacy Committee (NCJW).

Through her involvement with NCJW, Amanda has focused her activism and advocacy work on human trafficking education and outreach. She also recently published a great article on human trafficking in the Jewish Journal, which you can check out here. Whenever she has down time, Amanda keeps it zen by teaching yoga at her local hot yoga studio.


Meet Jerry Lyn Ortiz

Global Support Shift Manager, Philippines

Based out of Cebu City in the Philippines, Jerry holds the key role of Shift Manager for Sizmek Tier 1 Global Support. Serving over the years as a support engineer and then team lead, Jerry established a reputation as a go-to person for accurate solutions and technical excellence. Now she helps ensure her entire team of engineers provides the same level of service. Jerry is also part of the employee engagement team in the Cebu office, helping to develop activities that nurture Sizmek values.

As devoted as she is to solving problems for Sizmek customers, Jerry is just as passionate about finding solutions to the environmental issues that plague our marine environments. After joining the Sawum Freedivers in 2017, she gained new awareness of the issues impacting our oceans and is now an real evangelist for environmental protection.

She and her fellow freedivers use mesh bags to collect trash while they are out in the water, and the group organizes coastal clean-ups and other events to encourage environmental awareness. Jerry has also developed her own sustainable habits, avoiding single-use plastics, recycling religiously, and even making her own environmentally friendly soaps and shampoos. And if you see her on a lunch break at work, you can be sure she’ll have a reusable lunch box and water bottle.


Meet Camille Poet

Senior People Partner, London

Personally and professionally, Cami is a people person. She learned the human resources ropes first at Pepsi Co and Havas, then at Rocket Fuel and Sizmek, where she serves as a touchpoint for all things related to starting and building a career at Sizmek. A native of France and trilingual, Cami handles all the people  matters for Sizmek’s diverse staff across EMEA.

Creative and dedicated, Cami is clearly also a believer in empowerment. She was instrumental in setting up Sizmek Women’s Lean-in Circles in the London office, helps plan outings as part of Sizmek Spirit, and is currently pursuing a professional coaching certificate.

Cami also connects with people through her music. She is half of the singing/songwriting duo Terminus Cocktail, whose beautiful harmonies are enjoyed by audiences all over, most recently in the south of France.