You may be among the 30% of our customers around the world who are now enjoying the benefits of our newly evolved, next-generation Sizmek Advertising Suite (SAS). More upgrades for enhanced functionality will be rolled out over the next few months all in an effort to give you the fastest and most efficient way to deliver compelling, personalized experiences while also serving as a single source of truth for objective measurement.

Using Sizmek Advertising Suite, Sizmek clients are discovering added efficiency, speed, and control as the new platform streamlines workloads, eliminates busywork, and refocuses time on delivering results fast. A task that might take over a hundred clicks on another platform takes just a few on SAS.

SAS is part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with an independent, unbiased account of your digital marketing, and we have demonstrated that commitment through accreditation of many of our measurements (as early as 2008, for the former Eyeblaster ad server) by the Media Rating Council (MRC). The MRC works to ensure that measurement services are valid, reliable and effective, and that MRC-accredited measurement services meet rigorous standards for quality.

To date, Sizmek products have been awarded accreditations by the MRC for multiple metrics, including served and viewable display and video ad impressions, clicks, and certain audience-based metrics. We are excited to be in the process of being audited for possible accreditation for the Sizmek Advertising Suite, and have also taken steps to apply for MRC accreditation for SIVT filtration, which, if achieved, will give our customers greater transparency and the tools necessary to better understand and take action against any exposure to fraud, that align with the MRC’s rigorous standards and guidelines. All in an effort to serve you better.

We look forward to completing the migration to Sizmek Advertising Suite in the coming months, ensuring all of our customers can enjoy access to the best independent alternative that brings together data, creative, and media–all powered by AI, so you can create compelling and engaging content and impressions that inspire!

If you have any questions about transitioning to Sizmek Advertising Suite, please reach out to your Sizmek account manager.  


Mark Grether