Add some fun new formats, including the HTML5 Collage, Butterfly, and a host of others for Ad Builder, that we’ve just released for your programmatic approach, and get the engagement you need as well as the efficiency.

Rolling 3D Tiles Grab User Attention With HTML5 Collage Format

The programmatic-ready HTML5 Collage format is an expandable, creative rich format that appears to expand from a banner, with an animated effect moving to the left.

But surprise! The banner, actually a 300 x 600-sized panel positioned above the ad placeholder, displays a grid that prior to user interaction, shows the tiles in the grid rolling in a 3D-style cubic animation between each tile. The rolling effect either starts automatically before the user has interacted with the ad, or happens when the user hovers across the tiles. Browsing over a tile for a duration of time increases its size.

The collage effect doesn’t stop there, though. If the user clicks on a particular tile, the panel expands smoothly to the left, growing to a 910 x 600-sized panel that displays the banner experience to the right, and the creative associated with the tile that you clicked to the left.

There are three example creatives as the panels unfold, including a video creative, that display depending upon the tile that you click, with different creative content.

The HTML5 Collage is perfect if you’re looking for a creatively rich expanding ad that catches your users’ attention in a beautifully unfolding way.


AdKit API Added to HTML5 Butterfly Format So DCO and Other Assets Easy as Pie The nifty Butterfly format now comes equipped with essential enhancements like polite loading and the AdKit API so that you can use DCO and additional assets within your creative.


17 Hot New Programmatic Formats Added to Ad Builder

Ad Builder, Sizmek’s popular codeless HTML5 ad tool, now offers a full array of programmatic rich media templates—and we’ll keep on adding to these options so you can get the attention of your audience. The formats available so far include programmatic formats for Video, Youtube, Image/Gallery, Facebook Feed, Twitter Feed, Facebook Share, Twitter Share, Store Locator, Mobile Interstitial, Mobile Expand Gallery, Mobile Expand Video, Mobile Interstitial Video. See some recent ads using these formats here.


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