“Wow” is a word we never get tired of hearing because it means we’re innovating in ways that help get great results—and when it comes to dynamic creative (DCO), we hear it a lot. The creative and strategic possibilities available from dynamic programmatic ads these days are pretty much endless, but many marketers still think of DCO as just a versioning tool. In reality, DCO is the ideal way to create intimately personalized, highly relevant ads using time-efficient dynamic templates and automated processes.  An Infosys study found that among retailers using personalized offers and promotions, 61% saw profits rise. And for personalization at scale, there’s nothing quite like DCO.

Need some inspiration? Here are just a few reasons DCO today provides so much wow factor:

Format freedom: Dynamic formats can stick to the standard IAB portfolio, of course, but all formats support DCO—standard, rich, and mobile, and across all screens. Anything can be made dynamic within an ad unit, so you can use one template to develop a huge array of creatively diverse ads by swapping out elements like:

  • Ad headlines and copy
  • Product images, offer, prices, and logos
  • Calls to action
  • Background images
  • Layout, typography, styling, and ad behavior

You can even personalize by context. The Peer39 semantic engine scans the page to make your dynamic ad creative relevant to page context.

Ultra-localization: Localizing ads has always been a no-brainer with DCO, but now you can really personalize ads to local tastes.  You can design your feed to display local promotions and pricing, favorite products specific to a region, messages based on the time of day, local weather, and much more. Plus, it’s easy to use optimization to discover the best-performing creative for each geo, from images and colors to calls to action.

Speaking of weather, did you know that dynamic ads can be linked to all kinds of real-time feeds to incorporate up-to-the-minute data users care about? For example:

  • Weather via Aeris Weather or NOAA
  • Real-time local sports scores and stats
  • Stock prices and indexes
  • Government and political headlines from data.gov
  • News feeds from trusted sources like NPR and the New York Times
  • World health data
  • Social feeds from all the key platforms

Dynamic video? Yes, you can! Dynamic video is an underutilized format that combines the engagement power of video with the performance-boosting effects of ad personalization. With Dynamic VPAID, interactive video overlays and end frames can have  dynamic creative elements such as recommended products or nearby store locations.

And with dynamic VAST, a single video asset is served to the player with multiple variations of the overlay. All you have to do is supply video assets, requirements around how

you want to apply dynamic elements on the video template, and how you want to apply targeting. The Sizmek team then takes care of all video rendering, encoding, trafficking, review, approval, and launch.

Features galore: Dynamic image carousels? No problem. Want a scratch-off ad with a dynamic reveal image? Just ask. Sizmek offers more than 50 inspiring and engaging ad features that can turn ordinary ads into interactive and inspiring experiences.  Virtually all of them can be combined with DCO.

Tools for everyone: At Sizmek, we offer various types of dynamic creative authoring tools, depending on the sophistication you need for your ad. Use the codeless, drag-and-drop Ad Builder tool to quickly create dynamic ads. Or work with software like Adobe Animate, and upload files to the Sizmek platform, which will automatically create the ad for you.

With so many ways to combine data and creative in dynamic and personalized ways, Sizmek Dynamic Creative will have you wowing audiences in no time.

Reach out to a Sizmek pro to learn more about creating customer-focused, dynamic campaigns the easy way with Sizmek DCO.

Kelsey Meuse

Product Marketing Manager