December 26, 2016

Not-So-Secret-Santa: New Features and Workflow Updates


The Sizmek elves have been hard at work tweaking various workflows and features to help ensure that your 2017 is filled with advertising bliss and fun. While we keep on working to make sure things run smoothly and provide you with enhanced features, let’s see what’s in store for you so far this year.


Accelerometer Ad Feature Runs in MDX-NXT and AdKit

The Accelerometer Ad Feature takes advantage of the device orientation hardware, or accelerometer, found in smart devices and allows developers to manipulate HTML elements within their creative using the data provided by this hardware.


Calendar Reminder Ad Feature Supported on MDX-NXT, Adkit, and Secure Protocol

The Calendar Reminder Ad Feature enables you to download a file to your local machine from an ad. Although you can use this feature to download most files (e.g. PDF, ZIP, etc.), if you set up your ad to download an ICS file, this feature may be used to properly set up calendar events on your mobile devices. And by setting it up as a custom interaction, we can track that download in the Sizmek platform.

The Calendar Reminder is now supported on MDX-NXT, has been upgraded to Adkit, and supports a secure protocol as well.


Background Dimmer Ad Feature Supported on MDX-NXT, Adkit, and Secure Protocol

The Background Dimmer allows you to cover site content around your ad so the user’s attention is focused on your content. Whether you are on a desktop browser or mobile device, the surrounding mask will be fullscreen, and the feature allows you to specify the color, opacity, and fade time of the dimmer.

With the new update, the Background Dimmer is supported on MDX-NXT, has been upgraded to Adkit, and supports a secure protocol as well. Additionally, the dimmer can now expand to the full width of the page when the browser is scaled down.



Manage and Share Your Templates in the Platform

The Sizmek platform provides you with a quick and easy way to create ads based on templates. You can even create and share your own templates, either for your account or across accounts. Templates created in Ad Builder are also conveniently displayed in the Templates section under Creative.


Faster Loading, Scrolling, and Much More to the Click-Through & Events Spreadsheet

One of the most-used spreadsheets, the Click-Through & Events Spreadsheet now features faster performance all around, including faster loading and refresh time, quicker scrolling, searching and filtering by interaction name, and exporting the entire spreadsheet or exporting only the displayed rows.

Conveniently See Totals in Spreadsheets

MDX-NXT now displays the total number of rows in all spreadsheets.

Improved Performance in Tag Generation

Now you have faster tag generation and the ability to generate tags for up to 2,000 placements at once.

Check Out the Streamlined Infrastructure for the Packages List

  • Significant improvement to infrastructure and faster performance when working with the Packages list. Some of these improvements include, faster loading, resizing capabilities similar to Excel, quicker scrolling, and the ability to reorder columns by selecting a column and dragging it to a new location.
  • Clicking the new Placements column on the MDX-NXT Packages page now navigates to the Placements list which is automatically filtered to the relevant package.

See other recent new features and workflow enhancements:

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