Thousands of tags in just one click, bird’s eye views of campaigns, attaching in bulk—these are just a few of the amazing actions that you can now do on MDX-NXT, Sizmek’s next generation platform. These new enhancements help everyone because sometimes creative agencies are tasked to handle trafficking tasks, such as managing creative swaps and delivery groups, so we’re making it easier for you too. Find out more below about the latest time savers and management tools that will give you greater control over your campaigns.

Workflow Enhancements

Save Time With Rule-Based Attachments

Attach delivery groups to placements in bulk by using rules that can match based on type, dimensions, placement name, or placement custom fields that match the delivery group name.


Gain Greater Control Over When MDX-NXT Should Stop Serving Ads

There are many instances when you need to deactivate a placement, which results in serving blanks, and therefore is reserved only for extreme situations, like, for example, when a publisher has difficulty removing tags in a timely manner. But now you have some help: Sizmek Support can now deactivate placements that have a live or idle status. What’s more, placements that are deactivated can also be reactivated.


Platform Improvements

Publish thousands of tags in one click

In addition to manually selecting and publishing your placements, you can now click ‘publish all’ to automatically generate up to five thousand tags at once.

Search Multiple Queries Simultaneously

The global search now supports using a comma to separate different queries. For example, searching “expandable, banner” will yield results containing “expandable” or “banner”.

Change the Office on the Campaign Level

Some campaigns have a different office than the parent account. Now permitted users will be able to change the office at the campaign level to ensure that the correct Sizmek office is assigned.


Attachment Improvements

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Delivery Groups and Their Attached Placements

When you are dealing with large-scale campaigns with multiple delivery groups and multiple placements, it becomes harder and harder to figure out which delivery groups are attached to which placements. But we’ve improved the MDX-NXT Attachment Page to make this a thing of the past.

Now Easier-to-See Delivery Groups and Placements Placed Side-by-Side

New user experience improvements made to the Attachment Page make it so that it’s simple to choose a delivery group and see which placements it’s attached to. You’ll be able to easily get a holistic view of your campaign’s setup from a single, user-friendly window and know everything that’s going on.


Traffic More Efficiently by Sorting and Filtering Your Attachments

You can now filter and easily find all your attached/unattached placements. Also, you can filter the placements by specific delivery groups by using the View Attached Placements action, as well as filter the placements by prospective attachments by using the View Potential Attachments action. All these controls will dramatically speed up your trafficking.


Rapidly Replace Delivery Groups With a Few Clicks

We’ve introduced a new action that advanced traffickers will love—replace delivery groups. Traffickers can invoke the Replace Delivery Group modal, select the delivery groups they want to detach, and choose a same target audience delivery group they want to replace them with. The delivery groups you’ve chosen to replace are all detached from their respective placements, and MDX will attach the replacement delivery group to all those placements. This happens with just a few clicks—dramatically simplifying the management of complex campaigns with multiple delivery groups.


More Easily Manage Detachment of Delivery Group and Placement

Instead of replacing delivery groups, what if you simply want to detach a number of delivery groups in bulk? MDX-NXT now provides you more flexibility and scalability when detaching delivery groups and placements from each other, making the management of trafficking entities far easier to manage. You may select delivery groups and detach those from all placements. Alternatively, you may select a placement and detach it from select delivery groups as well as swap an untargeted delivery group if needed.


In case you missed them, other recent MDX-NXT enhancements include:

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