Reach vs. relevance. Brand safety vs. performance. Tech sophistication vs. streamlining. Marketers today find themselves pursuing priorities, and even KPIs, that are increasingly at odds with one another, or so suggest the results of a survey of more than 500 advertising decision-makers. For example, did you know that of the marketers surveyed:

  • 64% are prioritizing reducing the number of vendors in their supply chain.
  • 76% are prioritizing getting more transparency for digital display inventory.
  • 63% agree that the “walled gardens” don’t offer enough inventory transparency.

Clearly, the digital landscape is evolving. Find out what 522 advertising decision-makers think about the dangers and opportunities of contextual advertising, brand safety, and what future partnerships look like in Sizmek’s new research, Marketers Survey Results 2018: An Insider’s Look at Media, Brand Safety, and Partnerships. The first of three reports Sizmek will be releasing on marketers biggest challenges, this illuminating new research paints an eye-opening portrait of the changing digital advertising landscape and where the industry is moving.

Discover what’s on marketers minds when they look at brand safety.  For example, 85% of marketers stated that improving brand safety across their digital campaigns is a high or critical priority. But brand safety is a tough nut to crack, with 64% of marketers reporting they find it difficult to implement an effective solution, with syncing the solution to the DSP and seamless blocking of harmful inventory being particular challenges. Marketers also perceive a performance cost to brand safety, with 64% of marketers saying that achieving brand safety often negatively impacts the speed at which a campaign optimizes. Finally, more than half of marketers say their organization’s brand safety solution is too expensive.

Discover all the insights about media, brand safety, and the future of partnerships—download What Marketers Need: An Insider’s Look at Media, Brand Safety, and Partnerships. Make sure your own campaigns stay brand safe by working with a open, transparent partner—contact your account rep or a Sizmek pro today.