Sizmek’s new partner integrations bring your clients fresh opportunities for increasing creative wow-factor, niche targeting, and more. Check out a few of the possibilities now available to you through Sizmek open ad management—and reach out to your Sizmek representative to get started.

Target Top-Performing Mobile Inventory on the Kargo Marketplace

Kargo’s premium mobile network boasts 80%+ viewability and engagement rates 2-3X the industry average. You can now serve dazzling Sizmek creative across the alliance (we’ll even build them for you as part of the Sizmek Programmatic Creative Bundle, including:


Boost Mobile Video Completion Rates With Opera Adcolony

Opera not only offers unique in-app mobile inventory from the Apple and Android Top 200, they also deliver HD Instant Play video units (Adcolony) that load buffer-free into the mobile app environment—driving higher completion rates. Sizmek can build the units for you and layer in audience targeting data.

Try Out 100% Viewable, High-performing Skins From Sublime Skinz

Sublime Skinz offers a great way to serve up high-impact creative in a nonintrusive format. Skins capture an average CTR of 2.7% and are viewed an average of 5X longer than standard formats. Plus they provide your audience with a positive experience that adds even more benefit to your client’s brand.


Get Professional With High-Precision B2B Targeting and LinkedIn Programmatic

Want to target key professionals for B2B relationships? Now you can hone in on users by office IP data and audience profiles. Sizmek now also offers LinkedIn desktop inventory programmatically, for targeted access to exclusive audiences.


Turn to Teads for Mobile-Friendly Video

Teads’ solution for vertically oriented video enables you to capture mobile attention in a very user-friendly way. Their native video ads are 100% viewable and deliver +55% lift in online ad awareness. Now you can also run cool inRead360 video ads across top publishers, where videos launch only when in view and pause when they are less than 50% visible.

More Great News: Even Faster Optimization

We recently improved our optimization tactics to reduce the usual “ramp up” time for optimizing your campaigns. We processed troves of anonymized performance data from historical campaigns across Sizmek and across our DSPs and have already seen performance lifts of 40-60%.

Your Sizmek rep can tell you more about our new partner opportunities and optimization engine.