The April release for the self-service Sizmek DSP brings an exciting new solution to a not-so-new challenge in programmatic advertising: ad collision.

Ad collision occurs when multiple ads from the same campaign — sometimes the same creative — are served at the same time for one page-load.

We can think of ad collision as an unfortunate side effect of the adoption of programmatic. Real-time bidded advertising helps campaigns deliver personalized messages optimized to a precise moment of influence, but can also create difficulties in avoiding this less-than-ideal consumer experience.

That’s because when someone loads a page and the site generates bid requests for each available impression, it all happens simultaneously. If a bidder competing for those impressions sees something that it particularly values for a campaign — typically a consumer or page characteristic — the bidder raises its bids to try to win the auctions. Suddenly an unintended “takeover” occurs —  and not the good kind.

Anyone who struggles with multitasking could forgive our friend the bidder for not having the presence of mind to select just one impression, when the entire transaction takes place in less than 100 milliseconds —  the required response time on ad exchanges.

The ad collision problem can not only create suboptimal consumer experiences, but can also dilute the impact of one’s ad spend and make frequency management much more difficult.

Fortunately for Sizmek DSP users, our bidder is getting smarter, with a patent-pending tool for reducing ad collision. This technology helps our system “zoom out” from the impression level, recognize when a cluster of bid requests are from the same page-load, and adjust accordingly, by selecting only the best impression opportunity for driving an advertiser’s desired outcomes. It has been shown to substantially reduce rates of ad collision as reported by independent measurement vendors.

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