Meeting quality standards set by the Media Rating Council (MRC) has been a priority for Sizmek since our early ad serving days. Now, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded MRC accreditation for the Sizmek Advertising Suite (SAS), including impressions (display, video, mobile), viewability (display, video), unique views, and frequency.

The MRC works to ensure that measurement services are valid, reliable, and effective, and that MRC-accredited measurement services meet rigorous standards for quality and accuracy. The MRC’s assurance of measurement quality gives our platform users yet another reason to feel confident that with Sizmek, they are getting an independent, unbiased look at their digital marketing campaigns—something walled-garden platforms increasingly don’t provide.

Adoption of SAS has been gaining steam, with more than 30% of our clients now on board, which is in large part because of the outstanding efficiency, speed, and control it provides. But eliminating busywork is just the beginning. SAS also gives brands and agencies freedom and transparency that the walled gardens like Facebook and Google lack. Walled gardens simply don’t provide enough of the right data to effectively measure campaigns. For example, Google this year informed media buyers who use its data transfer service that they would be limited to Google’s own Ads Data Hub for certain metrics. SAS, on the other hand, assigns a unique code that allows marketers to pull data from all of their own sources, including Google. The freedom to choose vendors, access and control data, and maintain full transparency into pricing, reporting, and analytics is proving to be just as important to our clients as the huge efficiency gains they see with SAS. And having all the elements of a campaign—data, creative, and media—tied together under one sign-in—DSP, DMP, and ad server— is icing on the cake.

Fast ad building, simplified video, instant creative refreshes, and host of automated time-saving features make SAS the most streamlined platform available for high-performance digital marketing. And with SAS’s new MRC accreditation, our users can be even more secure that those great results are valid and verified.

Don’t miss out—ask your account manager or a Sizmek representative how to get started on SAS today.