May 22, 2017

Meet the Creative Refresh Wizard and Other New Workflow Friends


Keeping track of components isn’t generally thought of as the fun part of making great creative, so Sizmek helps make it easier for you by making your workflow easier all the time. Wait till you try out the Creative Refresh Wizard, which takes the headache out of what can be a trafficking and project management nightmare. And we’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeve too with easier ways to add click-through overlays and managing URLs.

Introducing the Creative Refresh Wizard

Managing creative refreshes can be a drag. Sometimes the trafficker needs to introduce the ad to every delivery group one by one—and it was not only tedious, but hard to keep track when campaigns grew large—especially when dozens of delivery groups and placements were involved.

Sometimes, creative refreshes introduce ads that were meant only for specific placements, and in large campaigns, it can become quite difficult to locate all the impacted delivery groups attached to those specific placements. Users who wanted to introduce a new ad to these placements would have to create a new delivery group, rebuild their creative strategy and reattach it to the new placement. This can become extremely tedious for what seemed to be a straightforward task

Why would you do all this? Well, many of our users take creative optimization very seriously. During a long-running campaign, our users may notice that a particular ad is under-performing for a specific placement, but performing well for all other placements. They may want to remove or disable or replace that ad for that specific placement, and in mostly every ad server, this operation cannot be done quickly and efficiently.

That’s why Sizmek is introducing a new wizard in Sizmek Advertising Suite: the Creative Refresh Wizard. With the Creative Refresh Wizard, it’s now simpler than ever to introduce new creative to a select set of delivery groups and placements. You simply:

1.     Invoke the Creative Refresh Wizard.

2.     Select the type of procedure you want to perform. You can add, remove (or disable), or replace ads.


3. Select the relevant delivery groups. The wizard lets you drill down on all the placements attached to each delivery group. Now is when you can choose to add, remove (disable), or replace the ad to specific placements associated with a delivery group. When you do this, the new delivery group is created and attached to the new placement, and the old delivery group is detached from that placement.


4. Review all your changes through a bird’s eye view of all your Ad/Delivery Group/Placement changes, and potentially even manipulate individual rotation values, say, if you introduce a new ad to a delivery group using weighted rotations. You can also easily redefine your default ad from the wizard.


Once you’ve confirmed, all affected delivery groups and placements will now have the new ad introduced. Note that you can also use the powerful Creative Refresh Wizard to remove specific ads or even replace specific ads at scale across multiple delivery groups and placements.

Make It a Hotspot! Easily Add Click-Through Overlays to Standard Ads

Sometimes, creative shops set up their banner ads to make the call-to-action button clickable, but the advertiser decides later on to simply make the entire ad clickable. How do you fix that when the ad is already trafficked?

The Enable Click-through Overlay feature on Sizmek Advertising Suite enables creative agencies/media agencies to quickly fix ads that are missing this code. By entering a URL and selecting the check box, a transparent overlay (hotspot) is automatically added over the entire surface area of the standard ad, and behaves as a true click-through. No need to alter code nor to retraffic the ad.


Manage Your Ad URLs More Effectively

Like things neat and tidy? Now you can keep your platform how you like it. If you would like to clean up the ad URLs page on MDX 2.0 and make the application of third-party impression and click tracking more streamlined, you can now hide archived ads from the ad URLs page.


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