New innovations, new features—that’s what the already great Visual Workflow and world-class Sizmek Dynamic Creative provide, this time with integrated media targeting and analytics.

Quickly Integrate Media Targeting Into Your Dynamic Creative Strategy

Your campaigns perform best when they combine targeted media with Dynamic Creative. Now you can traffic sophisticated Dynamic Creative campaigns using targeted media in record time.

In Sizmek MDX-NXT, you can create target audience segments for each of your media-buy tactics, then assign targeting to the placements on your media plan in bulk using the Placement spreadsheet. Many media partners can also pass these targeting parameters dynamically within a single placement tag, creating even more efficiency. From there, assign the Dynamic Creative versions that you want to go to each media targeting audience in the Versions spreadsheet.

Targeted placements work across both programmatic and publisher-direct buys, and can be used in tandem with Sizmek Dynamic Creative audience targeting and serving capabilities.


Shared Dynamic Versions Directly From Preview Mode

Share all or specified versions from Preview Mode, making it easy to review various permutations of any dynamic creative.


Sizmek Analytics Comes to MDX-NXT at the Version Level

Love the results you get with Sizmek DCO? Now you’ll love them even more with delivery and interaction metrics at the version and target audience levels in MDX-NXT.

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