June 19, 2017

Listen Up—Sizmek Digital Audio Offers Complete Campaign Management Deployment, Including Programmatic


Want your message heard? Tune into powerful digital audio ad campaigns with Sizmek’s new ability to serve audio ads via our ad server and programmatic platforms. Digital audio made its debut as a standalone category with $1.1 billion in advertising revenues, according to a survey by PwC and the IAB. With targeted relevant audiences, easy scalability, and better ad recall, digital audio advertising has made itself heard.

According to Gregg Rogers, Product Marketing Manager at Sizmek, “Digital audio is on an aggressive growth trajectory with an audience that has proven to be both diverse and engaged. The medium cannot be ignored by marketers who want to execute modern multichannel campaigns, and they should continue to push for diversification and recommend new audio inventory sources and exchanges.”

With so many listening devices to track, it had posed a challenge for marketers and agencies to accurately determine whether their campaign goals were reached. But you can now turn up the volume with Sizmek, which provides complete digital audio campaign deployment through a single platform in addition to programmatic audio campaigns on mobile devices. Leverage the Sizmek platform to reach your target audience—whether they’re at home or on-the-go, through desktop, mobile, connected TVs, Wi-Fi speakers, gaming consoles, and more.

As Benjamin Masse, Managing Director of Market Development from Triton Digital, points out, “The inclusion of audio in Sizmek’s platform will contribute to the growth of the global digital audio industry by providing agencies and marketers with full control of creative, and real-time access to delivery reports.”

Easily delivering impressions that inspire to your target audience in a more relevant, meaningful way—that sounds really good.

Learn more about how Sizmek can break the sound barriers with your digital audio ad campaigns by contacting your account rep or a Sizmek pro.