Picture this. You’re browsing a news feature about impending summer beach traffic and up pops this banner: “Want to avoid the crowds? Fly one-way to Vegas for just $100.”

Or imagine this. You’re reading a kids’ health website about the dangers of cell phone radiation to children and are served an ad for “Mobile plans for the whole family!” Ouch.

These are just the most basic examples of how context can make or break even the best campaigns, which is why Sizmek is launching #ContextMatters – tools, tips and strategies to help our advertisers successfully layer smart contextual targeting onto their online marketing.

You might already have audience buying down, and perhaps you already carefully optimize your creative toward the user you want to engage. Now, Sizmek will help you add consumer mindset into that equation.

Leveraging Sizmek’s powerful media relevance data for pre-bid in Peer39 and post-buy in Verification, we’ll help you build a smart, sophisticated relevance strategy that that uses context to drive more conversions and reduce wasted or even damaging impressions.

Just some of the myriad ways #contextmatters:

  1. Content matters: What content is the user consuming and does it create positive or negative associations for your ad?
  2. Weather matters: Did your sunglasses ad reach me while it was sunny or rainy?
  3. Daypart matters: Did your dishwasher ad reach me on my commute to work or when I was home when I was home waiting for your dinner to come out of the oven? 
  4. Viewability matters: How does the 1M impressions you paid for look in the context of how many could be viewed? How does your CTR look in the context of vCTR?
  5. Noise matters: What if your perfectly targeted, dynamically optimized ad is sharing a screen with seven other ads?
  6. Player matters: Is your lush video ad placed front and center as a pre-roll before a popular show, or is it auto-playing off in the weeds?

Sizmek verification tools and Peer39 relevance solutions can help you use context to get even more ROI from your great campaigns. Get the full context on the Sizmek blog and twitter with the hashtag #contextmatters.  

Additional #AdContext Matters pieces:

Zach Schapira