July 12, 2017

Introducing Sizmek Cross-DSP Frequency Capping: Accurately Engage Across Your Entire Media Plan


According to recent research from Forrester, you need a more precise reach strategy (75%), more effective targeting (71%), and the ability to adjust media spend across channels (67%).

However, in your media plans, there are usually a lot of disconnected “cooks in the kitchen,” which makes it difficult to achieve precise strategy, targeting, and media spending. The problem is amplified even more due to:

  • The number of tech platforms used to buy media, which nearly doubles every year.
  • Media plans spanning across many buying types and platforms.
  • Advertisers may also use multiple parties to buy media on their behalf—i.e., the agency, trading desk, or direct.

With each player having their own methodology for tracking, there has been no way to properly make holistic buying decisions across multiple insertion orders (IOs) that are part of the same media plan.

Until now. Introducing Sizmek Cross DSP Frequency Capping. As an independent, platform-agnostic ad server, Sizmek is perfectly placed to offer the solution that allows you to successfully manage frequency capping across your entire media plan. What’s more, it can be based on timely engagement data found only on the ad server level (including viewability, percent of video completion, clicks, impressions, conversions and other data points). You’ll be able to engage relevant and interested users across your entire media plan, ensuring your ad spend is used efficiently. The result: Less wasted ad spend, extended reach, and more engaged customers.

Sizmek Cross-DSP Frequency Capping solution showcases our commitment to reduce fragmented media buys, offers a first step for you to optimize campaigns across channels, and is part of our greater vision for a Cross Media Plan Optimization solution for you—new innovations are in the works, so stay tuned!

Want to know more about Sizmek Cross-DSP Frequency Capping or other Sizmek products? Contact your account rep or a Sizmek pro here.