Keeping your audience engaged with brands—that’s a key goal when creating winning digital ads. Sizmek has come up with more new ways for you to do that, with the HTML5 Store Locator, which finds your users the closest stores possible based on location from right inside the ad, and the Vertical Videostitial, a cool feature that always makes sure your video is upright, no matter if your user’s screen is landscape or vertical. Find out more about these new features and some other recently added format enhancements.

Where’s the Nearest Store? Find Out With the HTML5 Store Locator Component

With Google Maps powering the way, the HTML5 Store Locator component lets users search for the closest stores based on a user’s location via GPS, zip code, city, or state on mobile phones. After the location is found, the user can click on the location and view the company’s virtual business card, including the company logo and contact information. With this component added to your creative, you get extra help directing customers down that conversion path to purchase.

Please note: This is a premium ad feature with additional costs associated with its use. Reach out to your Sizmek account rep for more information.


Optimal Video Layout With Minimal Fuss—Introducing the Vertical Videostitial

Now, with the Vertical Videostitial, our newest videocentric format, your creative will look fantastic regardless of whether the user is viewing your video in portrait- or landscape-oriented devices—it appears optimally no matter the angle. Upon loading, the banner can expand to present with an optional animated flourish, a full-screen video that can be cropped or uncropped, depending upon how you choose to customize the video layout.

And if your user is looking at videos on a tablet or mobile phone, it’s not a problem. This MRAID-compliant format can also be served in-app, and can also be customized per domain using Sizmek’s domain-settings capabilities. (Please reach out to your client services team to find out more.)


Check Out These New HTML5 Format Enhancements

The Sizmek Creative team has been busy enhancing some of your other favorite formats and features as well, including:

  • HTML5 Cascade Format: We added support for polite-loading, AdKit (for DCO, secure-serving, additional assets among other benefits), and for working on the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • HTML5 Custom Header Format: We added support for polite-loading.
  • HTML5 Geolocation Ad Feature: We added error handling for when the mmGetLocation service, the API that provides the geolocation data, is down or unavailable. In addition, this new version now supports a secure protocol, Adkit, and is supported on MDX-NXT.
  • HTML5 Responsive Billboard Format: We added two new custom variables to customize whether or not to display the Leave Behind panel, and also whether or not to take up space (overlap or pushdown content) for the Leave Behind panel.

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