March 13, 2017

Interactive Video—Desktop, Mobile, and Now, Connected TV With Sizmek


You know that seamless Sizmek campaign feeling you enjoy when bringing interactive video to desktop, mobile, and tablets? Now you can feel it on a whole new channel as well, when you bring your interactive video to connected TV (a.k.a. “OTT” or “smart TVs”), thanks to Sizmek’s exciting new partnership with BrightLine in North America.

TV ad buyers face huge reach problems in this complex new digital and connected TV environment too, both technologically and in getting the reach you need. With Sizmek Interactive Video, you gain a seamless technology, a single point-of-contact across connected TV, desktop, and mobile screens. And even more importantly, you get the reach that you are losing, as audiences continue to shift from traditional TV to connected TV and other media. Sizmek is your natural reach solution here.

The icing on the cake to get both reach and engagement is interactive video.  To get interactive video on connected TV, as video ad buyers, you would have had to design creative versions for each screen and connected TV provider—every set-top box (like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV), gaming console (such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox), and smart TV (like LG and Samsung). It was basically impossible. But with Sizmek, bringing interactive videos onto your audience’s living room TVs can now be part of the same seamless experience as your desktop and mobile video campaigns.

According to the latest research, connected TV is the fastest growing source for digital video. You don’t want to miss out. Sizmek has always been the ideal point of contact for getting your TV advertising on all screens, including connected TV.  Now Sizmek :

  • Becomes a single point-of-contact for screen-optimized, interactive video creative across connected TV, desktop, mobile, and tablet screens
  • Delivers broader reach for your interactive video assets, which deliver the highest consumer engagement rate of any ad format
  • Provides the ability for publishers and ad networks to easily bundle omniscreen video features with their media sell

Other important things to know: Industry studies show that advanced TV ads delivered on OTT platforms have higher engagement metrics compared to traditional TV ads, including higher purchase intent, brand recall, and likelihood to recommend. Sizmek’s expanded omnichannel solution makes engaging and interactive OTT advertising far more economical, efficient, and accessible for a wide range of advertisers—and good for publishers, too.

Reach out to your Sizmek account strategist or contact us to get started.