February 8, 2017

Hot New Ad Fun for Pandora, Pinterest, and More


Pandora, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr . . . you need ad formats and features for all the big names, so we’ve got them for you, plus some enhanced navigation on Sizmek Showcase to help you find your favorite formats.

Listen Up—We’ve Got Responsive Banners for Pandora

World-class digital radio deserves world-class formats, right? So we’re serving up the Pandora Responsive Banner for the Pandora music app.

The Pandora Responsive Banner is a responsive format that dynamically chooses the ad’s banner size based on the available space within the Pandora app. Pandora supplies a square L1 ad container that will be different sizes on different phones/tablets based not only on the device, but the orientation of the device. The unit fills the L1 ad container, but if a click-through is performed, the URL is opened up in the larger L2 ad container space.

Open this Pandora’s box—it’s full of all good things.


Our New Ad Feature Is So Pinteresting

The Pinterest ad feature allows you to incorporate Pinterest functionality into your ad, now on Sizmek’s MDX-NXT platform as well as MDX 2.0. Users can pin images from your ad to their Pinterest boards, then click on the image on their board to go to an advertiser URL.


Even Better Social Sharing

The Social Share Ad Feature allows you to easily add share buttons for the top five social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Tumblr, and is now available on MDX-NXT as well as on MDX 2.0. The Feature comes with two templates—as the Social Share Panel and Social Share Icons. Both allow you to share a link and image when applicable.


Easier Showcase Navigation

Whether it be single panel or multipanel, Sizmek Showcase has some changes that should make your navigation easier when you visit the Pushdown and Full-Screen Expandable tiles in the Formats section of Showcase.

  • Pushdown: To ensure that your ad performs as expected, make sure you select the correct format name on the platform. For example, go to the Download button, then:
    • Select “HTML5 Pushdown Banner (Single Panel)” format when using when all your ad content is contained in a single index.html file.
    • Select “HTML5 Pushdown (Multi Panel)” when your collapsed state and expanded state(s) are contained in separate index.html files.
  • Full-Screen Expandable: Select the “HTML5 Full Screen Expandable” format on the platform when using the newer Expandable Banner version that has full programmatic support. (Note: If you are using the original Single Expandable version without programmatic support, you’ll need to select “HTML5 Full Screen Expandable Banner” format on the platform.)

See other recent new features and workflow enhancements:

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