September 4, 2018

Goodbye, Busywork—Next-Generation Sizmek Advertising Suite Is Here to Make You More Efficient


For many agencies, what gets in the way of having enough time to drive top performance for clients isn’t some big strategic roadblock—it’s  busywork. For agencies to become high-value partners to their clients, busywork simply has to go.

The newly evolved, next-generation Sizmek Advertising Suite (SAS) is a revelation when it comes to streamlining your workload, eliminating busywork, and refocusing your time on getting results for clients. What might involve a hundred clicks on another platform takes just a few on SAS, making Sizmek the fastest and most efficient way to deliver your omnichannel advertising.

Built for speed, the newest SAS lets you:

Build hundreds of ads, fast. A guided Ad Creation Wizard not only automates the creation of hundreds of standard banner, rich media, and in-stream ads, but also intelligently maps related assets together so that you don’t have to suffer through laborious, mind-numbing mapping work.

Fast-forward your video campaigns. Sizmek Advertising Suite eliminates the complexity of the video encoding and trafficking process through its re-imagined auto-transcode process, which automates most of the video workflow—letting you focus on driving performance.

Accelerate updates. Add, remove or swap ads across your entire campaign with a few clicks. The Creative Refresh Wizard accelerates campaign update timelines by reducing the task to just a few clicks, through a guided workflow that beginners can easily follow.

Simplify tracking. Rules-based event handling can reduce data entry of thousands of custom event trackers to a few simple rules set up at the campaign level.

Automate dynamic creative with data feeds. Now you can subscribe your dynamic ads to a product feed or shared online spreadsheet for faster versioning. SAS provides enhanced support for CSV, TSV, JSON, or XML feed formats with an intuitive setup.

Get started now with high-efficiency SAS.  Reach out to your account rep or a Sizmek pro