You’ve heard how easy it is to make interactive video without even knowing a bit of code—but did you know you can personalize your video ads too? Sizmek Dynamic Creative and HTML5 VPAID now work seamlessly together so you can deliver the most engaging—and the coolest—video ads to your audiences.

Whether you are practicing real-time marketing, geotargeting hundreds of clients via our mass versioning spreadsheets, or leveraging product-level retargeting via VPAID ads (updated through a data feed), the combination of HTML5 VPAID and Sizmek Dynamic Creative gives you the most powerful video platform for creative real-time personalization and creative optimization available anywhere.

Easily add a dynamic overlay, making any text, image, or HTML5 element in your HTML5 VPAID template dynamic. You can author your HTML5 VPAID templates in two ways:

  • Via code, and then upload it into our HTML5 Workspaces.
  • Simply design your HTML5 VPAID template through Ad Builder, then check a box to demarcate the dynamic elements on your template.

Users of MDX-NXT’s HTML5 VPAID DCO will also enjoy all the other benefits of our powerful Dynamic Creative platform, from its powerful Visual Workflow to visually build audience and campaign strategy, to its multiversion preview environment that has built-in workflows for simplifying the review and approval process across thousands of dynamic video ads.

By combining Dynamic Creative with HTML5 VPAID technology, Sizmek ensures agencies, trading desks, ad networks and publishers have the most scalable, flexible and powerful dynamic video technology right at their fingertips.

Bonus Update: Now MDX 2.0 Users Can Automap Target Audiences From the Ads List


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