Ready to launch your next programmatic campaign? All you have to do is know your audience, keep your brand safe from questionable content, stick with premium inventory, be relevant, and exceed KPIs. Oh, and if you want to use third-party data providers, be ready to face high CPMs and wasted spend. Also brace yourself for new compliance obligations, including ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The rising complexity of programmatic is one more reason marketers flock to Peer39, because it checks all of those vital boxes in one solution.

Smarter by design, from results to regulatory compliance

Peer39’s semantic engine delivers exceptional performance while ensuring every impression appears in a safe, high-quality, compliant context across desktop, mobile and in-app.

Peer39 eliminates data-related hassles by:

  • Targeting by context, not data. Peer39 technology looks not only at individual words, but also the relationships between the words, to achieve accurate targeting.
  • Reducing waste. Pre-bid execution prevents wasted inventory and spending on blank ads, house ads, and PSAs.
  • Eliminating cookies. Forget user opt-in and privacy compliance issues.
  • Complying with GDPR. From the get-go, you’re GDPR compliant with Peer39—you don’t have to worry about the upcoming regulations.
  • Slashing costs: Peer39 CPMs run well under $1, far lower than third-party rates.
  • Maximizing versatility. Any vertical, any niche, any topic or seasonal passion—Peer39 allows you to reach consumers in a wide array of contexts and custom categories.
  • Growing every day. Peer39 offers targeting in 40 languages and processes 200+ billion bid requests daily, and we’re always adding new partnerships and integrations.

In the face of rising complexity, regs, and third-party data costs, Peer39 offers a seamless, worry-free way to keep your programmatic strategy on track.

Get in touch with a Sizmek Peer39 pro to launch a smart programmatic strategy for your brand now.