May 16, 2017

Game-Changing Campaign Performance Arrives—Sizmek Advertising Suite


Get ready for a new level of campaign performance and ad management that flows more efficiently than ever—because Sizmek Advertising Suite (formerly known as MDX-NXT)  has arrived.  After a soft launch last year, Sizmek has officially launched our new technology platform, built completely new from the first keystroke on up, and we can’t wait for you to experience all it has to offer. Your impressions will inspire, you’ll connect with audiences, and you’ll build stronger relationships with your customers.

Your account manager or a Sizmek pro will give you all the details when it’s time to get you started, but here’s a snapshot of the powerful new capabilities and streamlined processes you’ll have at your fingertips with Sizmek Advertising Suite. You will be able to:

  • Optimize your campaigns and drive performance across your campaign strategy, enlightened by the intelligent orchestration of creative, media, and data working together in new ways.
  • Activate your campaigns in powerful new ways, starting from a holistic overview of your campaign performance, using intuitive wizards, visual workflows, and more to hone in on specifics to get even better results. No more getting lost in the weeds. Whether you’re a beginner or a power trafficker, you can adjust your workflow to exactly what you need to get the job done. Set up your campaigns through rules-based trafficking, or toggle between simple versus advanced workflow.
  • Get insights faster. You can’t wait hours to see how your campaign’s doing, so now with Sizmek Advertising Suite, we deliver real-time data to you. Plus you get your data just the way you want it, from time zone and currency customizations to in-depth device data.
  • Connect with your audiences at scale, with deeply personalized messaging and dynamic advertising experiences. For example, creatively you can:
    • Connect with your audiences through our seamless process.  Sizmek Advertising Suite’s Dynamic Creative provides you with powerful new creative management capabilities, from online spreadsheets to configurable data feed options that dramatically simplify complex personalized campaigns. New additions to dynamic video ensure that your brand truly makes a connection with your audience regardless of channel.
    • Rapidly build beautiful, bold omniscreen ads with confidence. Sizmek Advertising Suite’s Ad Builder can now not only build rich display ads, but also highly engaging interactive video experiences as well, letting noncoders showcase their ad artistry with flair. What’s more, you can immediately see how amazing your newly created ads look on Sizmek Advertising Suite’s mobile device simulators.
    • Go fast and furious with video. Transcoding and trafficking video campaigns has always been complex. We eliminated that. Sizmek Advertising Suite automates most of the video trafficking process, whittling down a process that took days to just a few minutes. You can take control of your video campaigns and turn them around rapidly without relying on a third party.
    • Thrive with creative workflows designed for a multi-stakeholder world. Collaborate directly within Sizmek Advertising Suite, and say goodbye to delays and miscommunications. Newly added mechanisms allow you to directly fix code for trafficked ads, streamline the submission of ads to Sizmek QA, and use preview tools that allow you to facilitate the approval process of creative with your advertisers.

Connect with your Sizmek representative or contact us here to learn more.