Sizmek doesn’t want to stop making your life easier, so we keep adding new functionalities to MDX-NXT, most recently including the ability to reuse workspaces with ease, to add custom info to placements quickly, to browse assets faster, and more.

Easily Reuse Workspaces in the Ad Creation Wizard

MDX-NXT’s Ad Creation Wizard creates a large number of HTML5 ads from Workspace folders on your local drive. But since many of you already actively manage your creative assets in our Creative Assets Library, we wanted to make sure that this convenient method for creating tons of ads in a scalable way was available here as well. So now you can!


Quickly Add Custom Information to Placements

Placement-level custom fields are useful for categorizing your placements and enriching your reporting. How? By providing you with more ways to slice-and-dice your placement-level metadata. And now, MDX-NXT custom fields can now be leveraged via the powerful Placement spreadsheet, making it easier to add quickly custom information that is relevant to your campaigns.


Keep Track of Tracking Ads With Better Naming

No more nondescript, nonhelpful IDs! Tracking ads will be available in reporting by name. Now you can find out which ads and placements served through another system are performing well. The name will be derived from the placement by default, but those mapped to multiple tracking events will be named according to the first-party ad.

Browse More Assets Even Faster

Sizmek creative power users spend a lot of time managing their digital assets in the Sizmek Creative Assets Library. Sometimes, their libraries can get quite large—especially as they manage more and more of their clients’ digital assets within the Sizmek platform. Fortunately, we can scale to your needs. We just enhanced the MDX-NXT Creative Assets Library to provide smarter and much more scalable loading and faster navigation, perfect for large-scale asset management.

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Updates are now displayed directly on the MDX-NXT homepage and can be clicked on for further details and information.

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