When you don’t want to deal with coding and you want a memorable ad with lots of features, Ad Builder’s your best friend. This favored tool among creatives just keeps getting more helpful too, by offering you the ability to add code-free, drag-and-drop components like store locators, low-load video autoplay, embedded Dailymotion videos, and more.

Drive Your Customers to Stores by Adding the Code-Free, Drag-and-Drop Store Locator Component

Now you don’t have to know code to add the ultimate in brick-and-mortar geolocation capabilities to your rich media ads—the store locator component has come to Ad Builder. With Google Maps powering the way, the HTML5 Store Locator component lets users search for the closest stores based on a user’s location via GPS, zip code, city, or state on mobile phones. After the location is found, the user can click on the location and view the company’s virtual business card, including the company logo and contact information. With this component added to your creative, you get extra help directing customers down that conversion path to purchase.


Get More Efficient Mobile Video Autoplay on Ad Builder

Not just for coders anymore—the option to add super-efficient mobile video autoplay (and thus up your ad’s “play” metrics) is now on Ad Builder too. Basically, video autoplay allows advertisers to deliver a livelier ad experience on mobile ads by playing a segment of the video automatically when the ad loads. However, video autoplay is blocked on all but the most recent iOS release (iOS 10) and older versions of Android devices. However, you can work around this restriction with Ad Builder for HTML5.

Video autoplay has been available in Ad Builder for a while now, but now it’s even better.  Ad Builder used to rely on animated GIFs, which can be large and clog up a user’s experience on mobile phones. Our new autoplay video features rely on the much more efficient sprite sheets, which allow us to deliver far richer quality video autoplay that uses a far smaller payload—and improves user experience overall.

The new video autoplay also allows you to layer in sound if the autoplayed video is unmuted by the user, delivering a much better experience. In addition, a rich set of autoplay video events have been added to the Ad Builder, allowing creative users to build out innovative experiences when autoplay starts, ends, or when the user pauses, mutes, unmutes or clicks on the autoplay video. It also supports custom events for any interactive elements and overlays used to enhance the user experience.

Add Second Largest Video Sharing Site to Your Ads—Dailymotion Component Available for Ad Builder

After YouTube, Dailymotion is the largest video sharing site—so adding its videos to your ads can be powerful. Now you can embed them in your ads with ease using Ad Builder.


Never Lose a Draft Again—Ad Builder Now Has Autosave

Now the great autosave feature that MDX-NXT users have enjoyed is also available on MDX 2.0 in Ad Builder. Autosave is activated after you perform the initial process of saving your ad to the platform, with a draft saved every five minutes. When you open Ad Builder or if for any reason your ad crashes, a message appears allowing you to select the platform version of your ad or the latest draft version.

Support External Assets via URL

Now you can pull in assets in MDX-NXT from remote locations to use in your ad using the external Asset URL feature for videos.


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