March 14, 2017

Discover Have-It-Your-Way Dynamic Creative Workflow


You probably already know how with Sizmek Dynamic Creative you can create personalized creative campaigns on a massive scale with ease. Now we’ve come up with some new ways that let you customize how you get your work done, including grouping/reviewing/editing options, version spreadsheet naming, using the data you prefer, and more. So hold the pickle, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us—you’ve got have-it-your-way dynamic creative workflow coming your way!

New Ways to Group, Review, and Edit—Get a Better View of Your Creative Versions

In the Versions user interface, you can now group your creative versions by dynamic element values, custom target audience names, status, click-through URL, as well as by which user has recently created or updated the versions. These features make it easy to pinpoint the precise creative you’re looking for in a few clicks.


Name It Yourself—Assign Target Audiences by Your Own Names in Version Spreadsheets

Sizmek Dynamic Creative’s versioning spreadsheets now support External Target Audience Names, allowing you to customize the exact naming convention of your audience segments and apply them to versions in bulk.


Choose the Data You Prefer—Override Sizmek Geotargeting With Publisher Data

Do you have placements on a publisher site that allows users to change or set their location? Would you prefer for your geotargeted ads to go by the publisher/DSP’s geo data? Now this is an easy implementation in MDX 2.0. Simply set up the placement/site to pass back tokens for zip code and/or country code, and Sizmek geotargeting will no longer reference the user’s IP, but will look up the user’s geo based on the publisher token values.


Your Data, Your Way—Harness the Power of Audience Data With Data Hub + DCO

Sizmek recently announced the official launch of Data Hub, a data-centralizing engine that enables you to pull in audience segments from your data management platforms (DMPs) and enrich them with exposure and engagement data collected from served ads. This new data pairs perfectly with DCO—use it to personalize messaging to different audiences, and tell a story to users with your creative as you follow them down the path to purchase.

Once activated on your account, Data Hub segments are available in the Visual Workflow tool, so you can incorporate them along with your other creative targeting tactics to develop a full-funnel personalization strategy.

Learn more about first-party data by downloading Sizmek’s First-Party Data Primer or find out more about how Data Hub can activate your first-party data in ways you never knew by contacting a Sizmek pro.



Is Your Data Feed Secure, Password-Protected, or Hosted on an FTP Server?

Unlock your product data and use it to automate your DCO ads with new support for feeds protected by FTP credentials or secure protocols.


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