Rich media and dynamic creative get you better results—but a complete picture requires seeing more than just clicks and impressions. Sizmek MDX-NXT now lets you get more detail so you can see just which creative and even which specific message has performed best for you.  

Get High-level Engagement

The Impressions with Interaction metric represents the total number of impressions recorded that had at least one user-initiated interaction. Examples include clicks, panel open, Flash movie replay, video mute/sound on/pause, full-screen video mode, start/pause/end, and custom interaction that is defined to be included in Total Interactions.


See Interactions in Detail

Measuring Rich Media and Video performance demands granularity. That’s why, in addition to Impressions with Interaction, MDX-NXT comes standard with a plethora of video and rich media interactions, including video quartiles, playback with sound, ad expansion and collapse, and dwell.


Measure What Matters to You

Performance sometimes goes beyond impressions, clicks, and even standard interactions. Using custom interactions, you can provide custom insights that are specific to your brand and campaign.


Get Insights Around Fields That You Define

Sizmek customers can now benefit from easily-accessible custom field metadata available as dimensions in MDX-NXT Analytics. Custom fields are an incredibly powerful tool that allow for dynamic custom grouping of different entities within the Sizmek platform. When leveraging custom fields as attributes in MDX-NXT Analytics, they will be available as columns for comparing other dimensions such as ads and placements.


Where Did You Get the Best Return? Go Down to Version-level and Find Out

If you’re using Sizmek’s leading DCO product, you can now understand delivery and interaction metrics all the way down to the version level. See metrics such as served impressions, clicks, and CTR at the version level, as well as impressions with dwell and impressions with interaction.


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