At DMEXCO 2018, digital aficionados gathered from around the world to help solve the biggest issues the advertising industry faces. As Mark Grether, Sizmek CEO, noted in AdAge, “There are few opportunities where advertisers and partners from all across the ecosystem can be in the same space at one time and DMEXCO is one of them. DMEXCO is highly efficient and typically German; it offers an opportunity to meet with a lot of people and strengthen your understanding of the latest complexities of our industry, in only two days.”

Day Two: Thursday, September 13

The flurry of the first day of DMEXCO continued on into day two, and dominant themes definitely emerged. Sizmek Chief Visionary Nikos Acuña tells us that DMEXCO attendees were particularly concerned about data compliance in the face of GDPR, the importance of access to data beyond the walled gardens, a.k.a. “data portability,” and access to consumer identity.

Senior Director of Product Marketing John Douglas says, “One of the great things about this year’s DMEXCO is that we’ve seen media agencies, creative agencies, and brands have come together and talk about how data can be used in more impactful ways across all of their disciplines.” Chief Growth Officer Mike Caprio comments about how GDPR is at the forefront of discussions and how identity and understanding of who the users are. He notes that people are asking him about the big difference in the way that Google has handled GDPR and how Sizmek has, given how our independent platform allows open access to data.

Both John and Mike talk about the uptick in interest in digital TV and getting the most out of all the various types of TV types, which aligns with Sizmek’s new offering of Advanced TV that can optimize them all across the entire media plan seamlessly in just “one stop.”  

Go inside DMEXCO day two for an insider look at the top news here:

Day One: Wednesday, September 12

Day One at DMEXCO, and the conference is buzzing with activity, including Sizmek CEO Mark Grether’s interview with and Sizmek’s announcement about our new Advanced TV solution, which will enable advertisers to integrate all the types of TV seamlessly into their media plans.

Below, the Sizmek team gives us recaps of what people are asking Sizmek at DMEXCO. Hedi Sramko, Director of Sales Engineering in our London office, says that Sizmek’s recent launch of the new AI-enabled DSP’s interface and capabilities of our  is what’s big this year, plus today’s launch of Sizmek Advanced TV,  Claude Spaveski, Managing Director of France, noted the need for transparency and openness in platforms, and how important  media-agnostic technology solutions are for client success.

Sizmek Chief Visionary Nikos Acuña gives us a sneak peak into “transhumanism,” the topic he’ll be talking about tomorrow at his session called “The Three Prophets.” What is transhumanism? In short, it’s the symbiosis between humanity and machines, and how it is going to dictate how we live our lives—and how it will make our lives better. Watch more here:

Day Zero: Tuesday, September 11: The Sizmek team spent time setting up the booth, preparing a space to share the empowering story of how advertisers are now able to experience data, media, and creative optimized by AI to gain remarkable results in their campaigns. In addition to our execs leading two sessions, Sizmek is also hosting a Beer Gardens (not Walled Gardens) Happy Hour at our booth, Hall 6, Stand E-030, Wednesday at 5pm. (Find the details here.)

Here’s a sneak peak at Day Zero at DMEXCO:

It’s not too late—stop by our booth or see if there’s a spot in the schedule to meet with a Sizmek pro.